The Virgin Suicides3 The Virgin Suicides3 The Virgin Suicides3 The Virgin Suicides3 The Virgin Suicides3 The Virgin Suicides3


In collaboration with Cinemateket in Trondheim we shed a light on important films throughout the history of Kosmorama, as well as other films who have an anniversary this year, to celebrate the 20th edition of Kosmorama.


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The very first Kosmorama film festival opened with a world premiere! Here's another chance for you to see Bent Hamer's fascinating Bukowski film on the big screen, as a celebration of the 20th Kosmorama.

The Crow2

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The Crow

Musician Eric Draven and his fiancée are murdered by a criminal gang. Mysteriously, and with the help of the crow's power, he rises from the dead with only one goal: revenge.

Sherlock jr3

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Sherlock jr.

A cinema projectionist dreams of becoming a detective. He diligently spends his working hours reading books on the subject. When he falls asleep while showing a movie, the characters in the film universe become people in his real life, including his girlfriend and his rival. Back in reality, he is wrongly accused of a theft, and he must use what he has learned about detective work to find a way to clear his name and catch the real thief.
This film turns 100 years in 2024!

Rear Window3

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Rear Window

One of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest classics – and best films – turns 70 this year. Rear Window therefore is a very natural choice for Kosmorama's own anniversary celebration. The film's protagonist has become somewhat of an icon. James Stewart portrays the adventurous photojournalist L.B. Jeffries. He has broken his leg and passes the time by peering out of his living room window at the neighboring apartments across the courtyard. He concocts his own little stories about each of the neighbors, just for fun and to keep his imagination active. But wait! What is happening with the Thorwald couple? Could it be... murder? We only see what Jeffries sees, and it's incredibly exciting!

The Virgin Suicides2

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The Virgin Suicides

Sofia Coppola's wonderful debut film The Virgin Suicides is set in 1975 in a sleepy Michigan suburb. Five sisters, aged 13 to 17, are kept on tight reins by their overprotective and strictly Catholic parents. For the boys in the neighborhood, the sisters are mysterious, attractive, and unattainable. However, the girls yearn for more of the exciting life beyond their home. Boundaries are tested, and conflicts arise. Several years later, the boys reflect on the mysteries and tragedies that occurred back then.


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Trondheimsreisen/Hometown – Stories from a Century

Hometown – Stories from a Century was the opening film in 2018 and became one of the biggest audience successes in Kosmorama's history. It goes without saying that this film is on our program when we celebrate the 20th Kosmorama.

This is Spinal Tap3

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This is Spinal Tap

A film crew is set to follow the British rock band Spinal Tap on a USA tour as they release their Smell the Glove album. Time has passed the band by, and they discover they are nowhere near as popular as they thought. But with determination and low self-awareness, they crank their amps to 11 and carry on! Along the way, they must deal with, among other things, a highly problematic album cover, the inability to find their way to the concert stage, and a long line of deceased drummers.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

One of the greatest horror films of all time turns 50! Never before has the chainsaw-wielding desperado Leatherface been scarier than in this newly restored version of Tobe Hooper's slasher classic. The film tells the story of five friends who run out of gas during a road trip in the Texas countryside. They head to the nearest farmhouse to ask for some gas. They shouldn't have done that because there they encounter a masked murderer with a chainsaw and his deadly cannibal family.

A fistful of dollars3

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A Fistful of dollars

"A Fistful of dollars is the first motion picture of its kind. It won’t be the last!" That was the film's tagline, and rarely have promoters been more right. With A Fistful of Dollars, Leone created nothing less than a new type of film. The fact that the film's plot was nearly identical to Kurosawa's Yojimbo (1961) only makes the achievement even greater.

Kvinner i for store herreskjorter2 jpg

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The celebration of the 20th Kosmorama Film Festival is a perfect occasion to highlight the first professional feature film production set in Trondheim. Women in Oversized Men's Shirts, which was Kosmorama's opening film in 2015, is a humorous and playful film about life and dreams, women and men, love, and fumbling attempts to be oneself.