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How tickets work at Kosmorama

At Kosmorama, you choose wether you want to watch one or all of the films!

Single tickets can be purchased digitally on or at the outlets at Prinsen kino, Nova kino or Trondheim Torg.

Multi-buy discount cards can be purchased with 5 or 10 clips. The cards are cheaper than buying 5 or 10 single tickets. The cards are not personal and can be shared with friends and acquaintances. Maybe you can give a cinema experience to a friend? The cards are available digitally and can be purchased at or

The festival pass gives you access to all ordinary screenings at the festival and allows you to collect tickets for the screenings you want to go to. This can be done at, or at the outlets at Prinsen kino, Nova kino or Trondheim Torg. The festival pass is personal and cannot be used by others.

When you buy a festival pass, you automatically become a part of Kosmoklubben ("the Kosmo club"). This gives you access to tickets before everyone else, exclusive premieres, free breakfast during the festival and other exciting offers throughout the year.

Early-bird is small amount of festival passes for the following year that are put up for sale right after the end of this year's festival. These are cheaper than ordinary festival passes.

Multi-buy discount cards

  • 5 movies 480,-
  • 10 movies 840,-
Buy discount cards

Multi-buy discount cards can be used at all ordinary screenings on Prinsen kino during the festival, and the card can be shared by several individuals. It is also an excellent gift! Please note that the cards can only be purchased digitally.

Single tickets

  • Regular film screenings 120,-

At Kosmorama, you may attend screenings without having a festival pass! Single tickets for screenings can be bought online or at Trondheim Cinemas points of sale. It is also possible to buy single tickets to the festival's events.

Festival pass 2022

  • Ordinary 1295,-
  • Student 960,-
  • Senior 960,-
Buy a festival pass here

Festival passes give access to all regular screenings on Prinsen and Cinemateket in Trondheim during the festival, and may only be purchased online.

After buying a festival pass, you still need to collect tickets for each screening you wish to see. This can be done both online and at Prinsen Cinema Centre.

Everyone who buys festival passes, will receive an email from us with a code. With this code, you may collect tickets for the screenings. If you want a physical festival pass, this can be picked up in the information booth at the cinema centre as we draw closer to the festival.

You have to show both your festival pass and your ticket when entering a screening. You may only collect one ticket per film and one ticket per time slot. The festival pass is personal and is only to be used by one individual, and violation of this may cause a withdrawal of the pass.

Practical information

Change of tickets

You can change your tickets at one of Trondheim Kino’s ticket outlets, either at Prinsen, Nova or Trondheim Torg.

If you want to exchange a single ticket for another day/screening, you can do this no later than 10 minutes before the start of the screening.

Refund of tickets

Purchased tickets can be refunded, but no later than 30 minutes before the screening starts. Tickets purchased with a multi-buy discount card can only be exchanged for new tickets.

You can cancel tickets purchased on Trondheim Kino’s website by following the link provided in the booking confirmation which was sent out by email when booking. If you cancel online, you will receive a value code of the same amount that can be used for purchases at Kosmorama or Trondheim Kino. This value code is valid for one year from the refund date.

Do you have a festival pass and have ordered a ticket for a screening you are not going to? Please refund online or return the ticket at one of the outlets at Prinsen Kino, so the tickets can be put up for sale again. This must be done no later than 30 minutes before the screening starts.

No refund will be given after the start of the screening.

Rush tickets

For sold-out screenings, unused tickets will be put up for sale again at the announced start of the screening (rush tickets). Therefore, show up early before the screening starts.

Special events and Culinary Cinema

Special events and Culinary Cinema that take place at other locations than Prinsen Kino, will be sold at For ticket information or a refund, please contact us at No refund will be given after the start of the screening.