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  • 112 min
  • United States
  • Retrospective
  • 15 years
  • 2 Screenings
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Rear Window
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One of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest classics – and best films – turns 70 this year. Rear Window therefore is a very natural choice for Kosmorama's own anniversary celebration. The film's protagonist has become somewhat of an icon. James Stewart portrays the adventurous photojournalist L.B. Jeffries. He has broken his leg and passes the time by peering out of his living room window at the neighboring apartments across the courtyard. He concocts his own little stories about each of the neighbors, just for fun and to keep his imagination active. But wait! What is happening with the Thorwald couple? Could it be... murder? We only see what Jeffries sees, and it's incredibly exciting!

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In Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock places both his protagonist and his audience in the role of voyeurs, or peepers. We secretly observe others, without being seen ourselves, and there is – perhaps – also a desire associated with the act of peeping. Voyeurism is by definition to derive sexual gratification from observing others in intimate situations, but it can also figuratively refer to peeping in general. And it's precisely the urge to peep that Hitchcock employs as a tool in the plot and to hook us viewers.

There is a psychological, psychoanalytic, or Freudian framework in several of Hitchcock's very best films (and perhaps that's precisely why they are so good), such as this one, Vertigo (1958), and Psycho (1960). For Hitchcock, psychology was probably, as mentioned, primarily a useful tool; he was first and foremost interested in creating suspenseful films that worked, as we definitely can see in Rear Window: And did it work!


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Original title REAR WINDOW
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Year 1954
Length 112 min
Country United States
Language english
Subtitles none
Cast James Stewart Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey