The Crow The Crow The Crow The Crow


  • 102 min
  • United States, United Kingdom
  • Retrospective
  • 15 years
  • 2 Screenings
The Crow2
The Crow
The Crow3

Musician Eric Draven and his fiancée are murdered by a criminal gang. Mysteriously, and with the help of the crow's power, he rises from the dead with only one goal: revenge.

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The combination of director Alex Proyas's sensuous gothic sensibility, an intense and heart-wrenching performance by Brandon Lee – who tragically died during filming – and one of the coolest soundtracks in film history, has made this one of the greatest cult classics of the 90s. Now, the film is resurrected once again at Kosmorama to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The Crow slowly but surely became a smash hit after its premiere in 1994. It garnered an increasingly large army of fans after its release on home video. The success was attempted to be replicated with three different sequels and a TV series, but none of them captured the magic of the first adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name. Now in 2024, there is a remake in the works, but a bigger news is the chance to see the original on the big screen!


Thursday 07. march 21.00 21.00 Cinemateket
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Sunday 10. march 18.00 18.00 Cinemateket
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Original title THE CROW
Director Alex PROYAS
Year 1994
Length 102 min
Country United States, United Kingdom
Language English
Subtitles none
Cast Brandon LEE, Rochelle DAVIS, Ernie HUDSON