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These guests are coming to Kosmorama 2024

In addition to showcasing films from around the world, we also have the pleasure of hosting a variety of guests who have contributed to the creation of the films you see on screen or have something interesting to add to the film experience! Here's an overview of film screenings during this year's festival where you can meet directors and actors, film and other experts, and more.

Praying for Armageddon1

Praying For Armageddon

Tuesday 5. March 16:00
Prinsen 4

Documentary filmmaker Tonje Hessen Schei will be at the festival for a special screening of her much-discussed documentary Praying For Armageddon, which shows how the alliance between Christian fundamentalists and elected officials poses a real threat to American democracy and the world at large. Tonje will be present to introduce the film before the screening.

Ibelin credit Bjorg Engdahl Medieop


Tuesday 5. March 18:00
Prinsen 6
Thursday 7. March 18:00
Prinsen 6

Mats Steen was born with a rare disease that gradually caused him to lose muscle strength. He passed away in 2014, at the young age of 25. His parents, Trude and Robert, believed he led a solitary life in his wheelchair, but after his death, it turned out that Mats had friends all over Europe through the online game World of Warcraft, where he went by the name Ibelin.

After the screening of Ibelin on Tuesday, 5. March, journalist Anne Dorte Lunås will lead a conversation between director producer and winner of this years Edith Carlmar-award Ingvil Giske and researcher Beate Hygen.

To the screening on Thursday 7. March Ingvil Giske will hold a short introduction before the screening.

*Director Benjamin Ree was unfortunately unable to participate in the conversation after the screening on Tuesday.



Onsdag 5. March 12:00 Cinemateket
Saturday 9. March 16:00 Prinsen 4

The film's producer, Dag Hoel, will be present at both screenings of Trondheimsreisen this year. He will give a introduction before the film at Cinemateket on Wednesday, March 5th.

Additionally, on Saturday, March 9th, both Dag Hoel and the films director Magnus Skatvold will provide a brief introduction and participate in a Q&A session after the screening.

Kvinner i for store herreskjorter

Women in oversized men's shirts

Onsdag 6. mars 14:30

During Kosmorama's 20th edition, it is entirely appropriate to highlight the first professional feature film production set in Trondheim. The film was Kosmorama's opening film in 2015 and is being shown again this year as part of our anniversary. Director Yngvild Sve Flikke will be present and have a short conversation with the audience after the screening on Wednesday 6. March.



Wednesday 6. March 17:00

was Kosmorama's first opening film, and is therefore a perfect fit for new screenings during our anniversary. Director Bent Hamer will be present at the screening at Cinemateket on Wednesday, March 6, and give an introduction before the film.

Brev til Håkon Banken3

Brev til Håkon Banken

Wednesday 6. March 17:00
Prinsen 5

Both directors of the music documentary Brev til Håkon Banken, Martin Walther and Sven Arild Storberget, will attend Kosmorama for a Q&A session about the film after the screening on Wednesday, March 6th, along with musician and journalist Jonas Skybakmoen.



Thursday 7. mars 17:00
Prinsen 5

Journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker Anders Hammer will be attending Kosmorama with two of his films: Do Not Split (2020) and The Takeover (2023). On Thursday, March 7th, there will be a special screening followed by a conversation between Anders Hammer and Anne Dorte Lunås from Adresseavisen.

The Teacher Still 1

The Teacher

Thursday 7. March 18:00
Prinsen 2
Friday 8. March 21:00
Prinsen 3

Director Farah Nabulsi will be visiting Kosmorama from Thursday, March 7th to Saturday, March 9th for screenings of her latest film, The Teacher. She will take part in a Q&A session after the screening on Thursday, March 7th, as well as introduce the screening on Friday, March 8th.

The Palestinian-British film received critical acclaim when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Unfortunately, the film has gained increased relevance due to the war in Gaza. The Teacher is a poignant film that, through multiple parallel stories, illustrates how cycles of violence can easily emerge in volatile conflicts.

First Case1

First Case

Thursday 7. March 18:00
Prinsen 6

Actor Anders Danielsen Lie stars in the French film First Case, which will be screened during this year's festival. He will be attending Kosmorama on March 7th for a Q&A session in the auditorium after the screening at 6:00 PM in Prinsen 6. Lie is known for his roles in films such as Oslo, 31. August and The Worst Person in the World, and he is currently also involved in Handling the Undead.

In First Case, Anders showcases his acting skills as well as French language skills as the police investigator Alexis. The film strikes a balance between thrilling crime drama and insightful character study.

Døden er et kjærtegn1

Edith Carlmar Symposium

Friday 8. March 09:00
Prinsen 5

Edith Carlmar is historically one of the strongest female voices we have in Norwegian cinema. Kosmorama celebrates International Women's Day with a symposium in her name! The Edith Carlmar Award will be presented during the festival to professional female filmmakers in Norway who have shown integrity, fearless innovation, and a willingness to push boundaries. We have invited previous winners and Carlmar experts to share thoughts on women's filmmaking today, with Carlmar's pioneering work as a backdrop.

09.00-09.15: Coffee, registration

09.15-09.30: Welcome by Silje Engeness and Elin Kristensen.

09.30-09.40: Presentation of this year's Edith Carlmar Award by Per Carlmar.

09.30-11.00: Conversation with this year's winner of the Edith Carlmar Award, Ingvil Giske.

11.00-11.15: Break

11.15-12.00: Edith Carlmar – The First Woman of Norwegian Film by Ingrid Dokka.

12.00-12.30: Break, light refreshments

12.30-13.30: Breaking Boundaries as a Woman in the Norwegian Film Industry. Panel with actress Andrea Bræin Hovig, director Anne Sewitsky, and this year's award winner, Ingvil Giske. Moderator: Film Professor Anne Gjelsvik.

After the symposium
13.45-15.30 Filmvisning m/innledning av Ingrid Dokka: Death is a caress (1949).
Tickets to this screening is sold separately.

The Recovery Channel2

The Recovery Channel

Thursday 7. March 20:00
Prinsen 5
Friday 8. March 10:30
Prinsen 5

Director Ellen Ugelstad will be attending Kosmorama for the screening of her latest film The Recovery Channel on Thursday, 7. March, and Friday, 8. March.

Ellen Ugelstad will provide a short introduction before the screening 7. March 20:00.

After the screening on 8. March at 10:30, there will be a panel discussion featuring filmmaker Ellen Ugelstad, former environmental therapist Snorre Hovdal and researcher Julia Hagen.

Diagnonsense no sub mp4 00 47 50 05 Still003


Friday 8. March kl. 13:00
Prinsen 5

The film's producer Øyvind Gregersen will attend Kosmorama for the screening of Diagnonsense on March 8th and will participate in a discussion in the auditorium after the screening with representatives from RVTS.

Participants in the conversation will be:
Psychology specialist Maria Kristine Jose Melås-Kvitland (RVTS)
Councellor Morten Jensås Lundgren (RVTS)
Producer Øyvind Gregersen (Mattima Film)
Moderator Frode Saugestad (Kosmorama)

Min fantastiske fremmede

Min Fantastiske Fremmede

Friday 8. March 17:30
Prinsen 5

Sunday 10. March 12:00
Prinsen 7

Director Johanna Pykkö is coming to the festival for a screening of her debut full length film Min fantastiske fremmede together with the films screenwriter Jørgen Færøy Flasnes. They will be present for a conversation in the auditorium after the screening Friday 8. March 17:30.

Johanna and Jørgen will also provide a short introduction before the screening Sunday 10. March 12:00.

Fuckings bygda

Fuckings Bygda

Friday 8. March 20:00
Prinsen 5

For the special screening of their film Fuckings Bygda on March 8th, director Frøydis Fossli Moe and producer, screenwriter, and actress Maria Wiik will be attending Kosmorama. Following the screening, there will be a Q&A session in the auditorium.



Sunday 10. March 12:15
Prinsen 8

To the screening of the documentary film Bjergene Sunday 10. March filmmaker Christian Einshøj will be present at Kosmorama! After the screening there will be a Q&A with him in the auditorium.