The Teacher1 The Teacher1 The Teacher1 The Teacher1


  • 115 min
  • United Kingdom, Palestine
  • New Directors
  • 12 years
  • 3 Screenings
The Teacher1

The Palestinian English teacher Basem serves as a mentor and a father figure to his students, while simultaneously engaging in a dangerous political resistance against the Israeli settlements. When the occupiers decide to demolish the homes of two of his students, brothers Yacoub and Adam, it leads to fatal consequences.

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Director Farah Nabulsi, born and raised in England, chose to make her debut film in Palestine, where she has her roots. After visiting occupied areas, she became aware of the systematic discrimination against Palestinians. She decided to create a feature film that sheds light on the conflict through the eyes of the people living there. The film follows various storylines and weaves a narrative that is as engaging as it is complex.

The Teacher received critical acclaim when it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Since then, the film has unfortunately gained increased relevance due to the war in Gaza. The Teacher is a meaningful film that, through multiple parallel stories, illustrates how cycles of violence can all too easily emerge in tense conflicts.


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Original title THE TEACHER
Director Farah NABULSI
Year 2023
Length 115 min
Country United Kingdom, Palestine
Language Arabic, English
Subtitles english
Cast Saleh BAKRI, Imogen POOTS, Muhammad ABED ELRAHMAN