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Spillprisen, START NGA, GameExpo and UP3

Games are both culture, industry, export business, and a provider of world-leading expertise in innovation and technology. Games are the cultural expression that is currently experiencing the greatest commercial growth and are also one of Norway's largest cultural export industries.


Friday, March 8


14:00-18:00: GameExpo in Olavshallen Foyer
In connection with the gathering of Norway's entire gaming industry in Trondheim, everyone is invited to GameExpo, where talented students from all over the country present the games they have created. This event gives you the opportunity to explore some of the most impressive games made by students. Whether you are interested in video games, VR, mobile games, or board games, this is a unique opportunity to experience the exciting world of game development! The event is open to everyone and free of charge.

15:00-16:00: "The game industry needs more hot men" in Olavshallen Foyer
In celebration of International Women's Day, the UP3 program at the Norwegian Film Institute invites you to gain insight into the state of gender equality in the gaming industry, in collaboration with Virke Produsentforeningen and Women in Games Norway. UP3 participant Oda Sandaker from Red Rover Interactive delivers today's speech about representation and nudity in games. The UP3 program consists of eight female game developers who are at the forefront of the NFI's talent initiative to strengthen the representation of women in the Norwegian gaming industry. The program is a collaboration between the Norwegian Film Institute, Talent Norway, and Norsk Tipping. Refreshments will be served. The event is open to everyone and free of charge.

16:30-18:45: Special screening of Ibelin with an introduction by the film's producer at NOVA 9.

We invite nominees and guests to a special screening of the award-winning film Ibelin. The film will be introduced with a conversation with producer Ingvil Giske.

Event with guest list. Available tickets will be put up for sale.

19:00-22:00: Awarding of the Game Award and START NGA in Olavshallen Little Hall
The Game Award is the annual award ceremony for the Norwegian game industry, organized by Virke Produsentforeningen in collaboration with the Norwegian Film Institute. This national game award ceremony now moves to Trondheim, merging with the student award ceremony START NGA at NTNU, and is organized in collaboration with Kosmorama during the festival week in March 2024.

The award ceremony brings together both the established and the upcoming Norwegian game industry, highlighting Norwegian games, and honoring the best game releases of the past year.

Winners of the Game Award were awarded in 9 categories:

  • Best technology: Ikonei Island (Snowcastle Games)
  • Best visual expression: Rhythm Sprout (SURT Games)
  • Best game design: Rhythm Sprout (SURT Games)
  • Best sound: Rhythm Sprout (SURT Games)
  • Best fun for all: Ikonei Island (Snowcastle Games)
  • Best innovation: Cal & Bomba (Filiokus AS)
  • Best newcomer: Rhythm Sprout (SURT Games)
  • Game of the year – small screen: Fun Run 4 (Dirtybit)
  • Game of the year: Ikonei Island (Snowcastle Games)

The winners of the NGA 2024 were the following projects:

  • Best gameplay design: DeVoide
  • Gamer's Choice: Red Planet Rampage
  • Game of the Year: Whirl Wrap
  • Best Visual Design: Tales of Glimmervale
  • Best Narrative: Rat With a Postman Hat
  • Best Audio Design: HILT

Nominees for the Game Award, ticket sales, and more information about the award ceremony will be posted here.

Serving in Olavshallen will be open until 22:00, following this an after-event will start at Work-Work at 22:00.

The event requires pre-purchased tickets. Unsold tickets will be available at the door.

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