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Pitch & Tech day

Wednesday 6. March

Seven new film and game projects will be pitched throughout the day. Additionally, the event will feature presentations and discussions on how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the possibilities in audiovisual production. How can AI be employed as a creative artistic tool to craft new universes and narratives? What challenges does it pose for human autonomy and creativity? And in what ways can individuals take responsibility for its ethical use?

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Wednesday 6. March
Amfiet Sparebank 1, Søndre gt. 4

Part 1 - Investor breakfast with pitch and master class

08:00-08:30: Arrival/registration. Investor breakfast and networking.

08:30-08:40: Welcome

08:40-08:50: Keynote: “Out of this world” Ground breaking film technology - a taste of the upcoming masterclass by Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF.

09:00-10:30: Mid-Norwegian investor pitch.
Four Trøndelag film and game projects compete for a prize of 75,000 NOK in front of an investor panel consisting of Knut Eilif Halgunset from SpareBank 1 SMN, Aurora Koteng from Koteng Eiendom, and Sandra Elisabeth Holm from Måsøval AS.
The projects being pitched are:
Bestemorder (feature film) – Syden Pictures
Click the Link Below (documentary) – Gonzodocs
Gun Lab (game) – Studio Gauntlet
Ringo’s Roundup (game) – Surt
Read more about the projects here.

10:30-10:45: Coffee mingle

PART 2 - AI-panel and Filminvest feature film pitch.

10:45-12:15: Masterclass: Fiction, Facts, and Defense.
Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF, one of Norway's leading cinematographers, showcases the latest in film technology from Hollywood and how the same innovation contributes to alarming and uncontrolled use of AI to manipulate news, create political division, and expose potential weaknesses in national security.

12:15-13:00: Lunch

13:00-14:15: AI-Panel: How does artificial intelligence change the way we make films?

Cinematographer Jannicke Mikkelsen is a pioneer in virtual production, where artificial intelligence turns what is possible upside down. Director Tonje Hessen Schei has made documentaries about how artificial intelligence is changing our lives, our society, and especially our future. Now she uses artificial intelligence as an artistic tool to create new film universes and stories in new projects. Inga Strümke is an author and researcher, and Norway's foremost voice in the work of ethically responsible AI, and the challenges artificial intelligence poses for human autonomy and creativity.

Together, they will discuss the opportunities that new technology offers the film industry and how humans should take responsibility for its proper use. The panel is moderated by Bår Stenvik, a screenwriter with a background from the Norwegian Film School and author of the book "The Great Game – How to Survive in the Age of Algorithms."

14:15-14:30: Coffee mingle

14:30-15:30: Filminvest feature film pitch.
Three projects compete for the prize of 100,000, which goes to a feature film idea thematically anchored in Trøndelag and/or Innlandet.
Jury: Yngvild Sve Flikke, Silje Nikoline Glimsdal, and Eric Vogel.

The event is a collaboration between Kosmorama, Midtnorsk filmsenter, Filminvest, Næringsforeningen i Trondheim Sparebank 1 SMN, Trondheim kommune and Trøndelag fylkeskommune.

The pitchers for this years Filminvest spillefilmpitch is:

Harald Rømma - Jenta i båten

Jay Choi – Andre siden av verden

Julie Skaufel - Sigrid

Note! If you have industry accreditation or Filmtreff accreditation, entrance to this event is free. You will receive information on how to claim your complimentary ticket via email. Please contact if you have accreditation and have not received this information.

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