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Volunteer at Kosmorama


As a volunteer under Kosmorama, you get exciting movie experiences and new friends! Apply here:

What is Kosmocrew?
Kosmocrew is our team of volunteer festival workers. As a Kosmocrew member, you get a festival pass that gives you access to watch as many movies as you’d like during the festival. You’ll be invited to a volunteers only film-preview and you’re of course ensured to meet some new exciting friends. We’re looking for volunteers who want to help make Kosmorama amazing!

What do we expect from you?
We expect that you show up at the time agreed and do the job with dedication and positivity. Minimum work effort is three shifts, but some of the positions will require a little more. There’s no need to speak or understand Norwegian to join our Kosmocrew. Everyone is welcome at Kosmorama.

Deadline to apply is February 15sth each year. The application for 2024 can be found here.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an e-mail to

Frivillige hakonkarlsen

Terms for volunteers

You have the following commitments and rights as a volunteer for Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival:

The minimum workload is 3 shifts which equal approximately 21 hours. Some tasks require more than that. This is listed in the job descriptions.

Obligations, Employment and Work

Volunteers are engaged on a voluntary basis to perform work as agreed with Kosmorama. Time and place will be agreed between the individual and the festival. Volunteers commit to showing up on time and being available at the agreed time. Kosmorama will strive to have timesheets and specific tasks ready for you in good time for the festival, but some changes may occur


Volunteers receive a t-shirt and a festival pass which gives access to all screenings and to the closing party. If the festival pass is misused, if volunteers don’t show up on time or don’t perform the work that’s agreed upon, they’ll be billed for the t-shirt and festival pass.


The festival t-shirt is regarded as a work uniform before and during the festival. This means that you should only use the t-shirt when you’re working, and not in your spare time. You can use your t-shirt where- and whenever you want after the festival is completed.

Confidentiality agreement

Volunteers have a duty to maintain full confidentiality of all operational and business conditions they become aware of, both when they’re working, and in their spare time. This also applies to knowledge of customers’ operations and business relationships. Volunteers should not speak to the media before and during the festival unless specifically agreed by the festival’s press officer. This confidentiality also applies after the employment has ended.


Everyone should be able to volunteer at Kosmorama. If you need facilitation of reduced disability please contact us directly. You can contact us by email: or by phone: 452 24 552.


Cinema host
The cinema host's task is to be a friendly face for Kosmorama. One of the main tasks will be to take responsibility in the cinema halls. It takes a little extra courage to be a cinema host, whether it's presenting a film to the audience or being quick to prepare halls for the next screening. You will be visible to guests and others at the festival and must therefore be willing to answer questions, motivate other volunteers to stand up and keep an eye on everything that is going on so that it will be a pleasant and clean festival for absolutely everyone. The best thing about being a cinema host is that you get to watch the films with the audience!

Info and accreditation
During Kosmorama, there is information and accreditation who staff the festival's information desk and inform our audience about films, tickets and halls. The information desk will also welcome all volunteers and those with festival accreditation. You must be prepared for an at times high paced work environment. It's great if you already know our systems, but it's not a requirement. This is suitable for those who are outgoing, service minded, helpful and want to get to know Kosmorama well.

Anniversary host
Kosmorama celebrates its 20th edition in 2024. We will therefore organize parties and special events to celebrate. Put on your fancy clothes and help create a fantastic experience for our guests!

Do you love making DIY projects? Or do you think it's fun to pick out recycled furniture? Kosmorama creates its very own cafe in the foyer of Prinsen Kino every year. The decor gang gathers before the festival to plan the look of the cafe, pick up recycled furniture and create creative works for the festival!

As a Kosmocrew photographer, you can, among other things, help take good photos/videos at the cinema centre, parties and other exciting Kosmorama experiences. Kosmorama is more than just watching films, and we want to immortalize the magical moments and experiences that take place in week 10. The only thing we require is your own equipment and courage!

Would you like to help make Kosmorama more visible in Trondheim? In distribution, your task is to make the festival visible by putting up posters and distributing the programme. This is good for those who want to see a lot of films during Kosmorama and have the guards before the festival!


In the sunshine group, you will make the volunteering experience better! You stay in the volunteer area (Kosmocrew Lounge) where you are responsible for welcoming the volunteers, keeping things tidy and creating a good environment for everyone who wants to stay in the volunteer area.


Do you enjoy driving? In transport, you get to drive one of Kosmorama's festival cars to pick up equipment and guests! It is an advantage if you know Trondheim's streets.

Outdoor cinema volunteer

Kosmorama is known for its exciting outdoor cinemas that appear in various places in the city! Join the fun by participating as an outdoor cinema volunteer, where you help with set up, pack down, welcoming guests and handing out popcorn and other goodies to the audience.

Cafe host
At Prinsen Cinema we build our very own cafe! It's run by some of the best and nicest people in town. They will need some help to run this cafe and thats where you come in. If you have any experience in the cafe / bar / restaurant industry, this one is for you! Be a part of the heart of the festival!

Guest host
Guest hosts are given responsibility for one or more of the following, depending on the set schedule per host: As a guest host, you can be given responsibility for one guest that you must follow during the guest's stay or responsibility for a group (canon prize nominees, juries, pitch participants) that must be followed from A to B. You can be given the task of being available during the event or you can be given responsibility for one sponsor who must be followed up according to the agreement (meet on site and follow up at the event in addition to some follow-up beforehand). If we see that there is a need for it, two guest hosts can work together on a group. Guest hosting is one of the areas that may require more time than 3 shifts.