Join Kosmocrew, our group of wonderful volunteers!

Frivillige hakonkarlsen
Søk Kosmocrew 2021!

What is Kosmocrew?
Kosmocrew is our team of volunteer festival workers. As a Kosmocrew member, you get a festival pass that gives you access to watch as many movies as you’d like during the festival. You’ll be invited to a volunteers only film-preview and you’re of course ensured to meet some new exciting friends. We’re looking for volunteers who want to help make Kosmorama amazing!

What do we expect from you?
We expect that you show up at the time agreed and do the job with dedication and positivity. Minimum work effort is three shifts, but some of the positions will require a little more. There’s no need to speak or understand Norwegian to join our Kosmocrew. Everyone is welcome at Kosmorama.

Deadline to apply is February 1st, but we do accept applications after the deadline if there are any positions left.

For questions or comments, send a mail to

COVID-19 regulations
It is safe to attend the festival! We ask everyone to apply to the regulations from the government concerning COVID-19 that is relevant at the time of the festival.

If you wish to volunteer at Kosmorama, quickly set up an account in our application system and fill in the form where you tell us a bit about yourself, why you wish to volunteer and what you would like to contribute to.

The deadline for applying is February 1st, but if there are any vacant positions we can accept applications after this as well.

If you have any questions or commets, please send an e-mail to

Terms for volunteers

You have the following commitments and rights as a volunteer for Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival:

The minimum workload is 3 shifts which equal approximately 21 hours. Some tasks require more than that. This is listed in the job descriptions.

Obligations, Employment and Work

Volunteers are engaged on a voluntary basis to perform work as agreed with Kosmorama. Time and place will be agreed between the individual and the festival. Volunteers commit to showing up on time and being available at the agreed time. Kosmorama will strive to have timesheets and specific tasks ready for you in good time for the festival, but some changes may occur


Volunteers receive a t-shirt and a festival pass which gives access to all screenings and to the closing party. If the festival pass is misused, if volunteers don’t show up on time or don’t perform the work that’s agreed upon, they’ll be billed for the t-shirt and festival pass.


The festival t-shirt is regarded as a work uniform before and during the festival. This means that you should only use the t-shirt when you’re working, and not in your spare time. You can use your t-shirt where- and whenever you want after the festival is completed.

Confidentiality agreement

Volunteers have a duty to maintain full confidentiality of all operational and business conditions they become aware of, both when they’re working, and in their spare time. This also applies to knowledge of customers’ operations and business relationships. Volunteers should not speak to the media before and during the festival unless specifically agreed by the festival’s press officer. This confidentiality also applies after the employment has ended.


Everyone should be able to volunteer at Kosmorama. If you need facilitation of reduced disability please contact us directly. You can contact us by email: or by phone: 00479118190.


Info and accreditation
You’ll be working at the festival info stand to inform our audience about movies, tickets and screening venues prior to and during the festival. The information desk will also greet and help all the volunteers and accredited. You must be prepared to work at a fast pace at times. This is the job for the outgoing, service-minded, helpful people who want to become familiar with Kosmorama, the program and the logistics of the festival. The info and accreditation desk opens a week before the festival and is open during the entirety of the festival.

Would you like to make Kosmorama more visible in Trondheim? In distribution, you’ll have the task of creating awareness around the festival by hanging up posters, distributing programs and stunting before the festival. If you’re outgoing, creative and entrepreneurial, this is the volunteer job for you.

As a photographer for Kosmorama you get to cover every aspect of the festival. We have events, parties and the prestigious award ceremony Kanonprisen. You’ll be able to take video/photos at several locations. We require that you have your own equipment and a positive attitude!

Infection control group
Due to covid-19,an extra amount of attention will be given to infection control during the festival. This is where the infection control group comes in! You will be part of a group that will ensure that there is antibac available, that the audience maintains the 1-meter rule, and that it is safe and clean in the entire cinema center and the volunteer area!

Sunshine group

You are responsible for the volunteer area (Kosmocrew Lounge). Your job includes welcoming the volunteers, making sure the area is clean and tidy, helping out with what is needed and creating a good environment for all the other volunteers.

There will not be any cinema hosts, guest hosts or production crew this year due to covid-19 restrictions. We hope to see the positions back in 2022! :)