Program series

Travel the world with Kosmorama! To guide you on your journey, Kosmorama has divided the films into program series. The festival have both regular and new program series each year. The program series New Directors, Culinary cinema and Music film are the festival's unique focus points.

Get to know the series to make it easier and more fun to find the films that suit you best:

New Directors Award

This is Kosmorama’s competition program. The movies selected to this program series are films made by new directors we believe will put their mark on cinema in the upcoming years. A criterion is that the directors have not made more than three feature length films. The films are selected by Kosmorama’s program council. A professional jury selects the winner of the New Directors Award among these. In addition, the audience chooses their favorite among the films in the competition.

Culinary cinema

Culinary cinema is a program series that focuses on food and gastronomy.

Kosmorama is well-known for films and events, and this program series combines two of the best things that the world has to offer: cinema and food. In 2013 the term Culinary cinema appeared for the first time in Kosmorama’s program catalog. That year you could see the film Haute Cuisine and eat a five-course meal at Restaurant Nidelven or a screening of Trattoria followed by a cooking course. Culinary cinema has since been a regular element in Kosmorama’s program which still surprises the audience with exciting culinary experiences.

Music film

In collaboration with Rockheim – The National Museum of Popular Music in Norway we screen documentaries about musicians and bands that have marked our lives.

When Kosmorama arranged its first film festival in 2005, the audience was invited to both a concert and a silent film concert. Music has always been an important part of Kosmorama’s program. The concept of music film appeared for the first time in 2007 when five music documentaries were screened. In 2020 the program series was revitalized, and four music documentaries was screened in collaboration with Rockheim.


In this program series you will find movies about the warm, tender, wonderful and sometimes dysfunctional in human relationships.


Stories about the individual’s encounter with the machinery of the society. These are films that illuminate, comment or criticize the world we live in.


Reports from the unmanagable reality. These documentaries give us insight into a wide range of topics, such as war zones, family relations and activism.

View askew

Movies with magical, surreal or absurd elements. Here you can find dark comedies, mockumentaries, and movies with a lot of character.


The horror selection that will give you goosebumps and transport you to the most horrific parts of the world. Ramaskrik includes horror films in different varieties, picked by the programmers of Ramaskrik Film Festival in Oppdal.