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Daily Schedules: Sunday 10. March

With over 80 films to choose between it can be hard to decide what to watch during the festival week. To aid you with your decisions we have put together a bunch of suggestions for schedules you can follow every day throughout the week. Whether you're in a hurry and only have time for one film, or you wish to watch as many as possible, we've got your back!

Sunday 10. march

Watch films that have been nominated for Oscars this year!
Robot Dreams
10:00, P2
Four Daughters
12:00, P2
The Teachers' Lounge 16:30, P2
Io Capitano
18:30, P2

The teacher-schedule
The Teacher 12:00, P5
Maria Montessori
14:30, P6
The Teachers' Lounge
16:30, P2
19:00, P3

New Directors vol. 2
If you watched half of the New Directors program series on Saturday, you can watch the rest today!
Scrapper 10:00, P5
The Teacher 12:00, P5
Hoard 14:15, P5
I Love you More
18:00, P5
Inshallah a Boy
20:00, P5

Music marathon
Watch all the music films in one day
Brev til Håkon Banken 10:00, P8
Somliga går med trasiga skor
12:00, P8
Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus
14:30, P8
This is Spinal Tap
17:00, P8
The Stones and Brian Jones
19:00, P8
21:00, P8

Birthday party
Catch a whole lot of anniversary films at Cinemateket
Sherlock jr. 12:00, Cinemateket
Rear Window
13:30, Cinemateket
A Fistful of Dollars
16:00, Cinemateket
The Crow
18:00, Cinemateket
The Virgin Suicides
20:00, Cinemateket