Seven Winters in Tehran1 Seven Winters in Tehran1 Seven Winters in Tehran1 Seven Winters in Tehran1 Seven Winters in Tehran1 Seven Winters in Tehran1

Program Series: Documentary

Kosmorama has dedicated an entire program this year to showcase some of the best new Norwegian films. In this program series, you'll find both fiction films and documentaries. Among them are the fresh documentaries "Ibelin" and A New Kind of Wilderness, both of which won awards at this year's Sundance Festival.



In this incredible documentary, you become a fly on the wall as the Taliban advances in Afghanistan following the US withdrawal. Taliban soldiers occupy the Hollywood Gate complex, which is said to have been a CIA base outside Kabul. There, they find heaps of weapons, aircraft, and advanced military equipment abandoned by the Americans.


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Frederick Wiseman is the great master of observational documentary. This time, he takes you inside three restaurants operated by the renowned Troisgros family. Nothing here is left to chance. One of the restaurants has held no less than three Michelin stars for a staggering 55 years.


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The Mountains

How should a family move forward after experiencing a tragedy? What responsibility does a brother have towards his siblings? The Danish filmmaker Christian Einshøj returns to Norway, where he grew up, to find answers to these questions. Perhaps the answer lies within the family, on his father's old videotapes, or among superheroes amidst the many mountains.

Cinema Laika3

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Cinema Laika

Deep in the Finnish forests, in the small village of Karkkila, Aki Kaurismäki is in the process of establishing a new cultural meeting place for the residents. The famous director transforms a closed-down foundry into a cinema venue, and the light from the movie projector ignites a new hope in the small community.

The screenings on Tuesday 5. March 16:00 and Thursday 7. March kl. 14:30 will be introduced by Alexander Bucsis from Trondheim Filmklubb (Trondheim Film Society).

Four Daugthers3

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Four Daughters

Olfa has four daughters, but one day, the two eldest ones vanish. Attempting to fill the void left by them, filmmaker Kaouther Ben Hania brings two professional actresses to the family. They are to step into the roles of the daughters and try to compensate for the family's loss. Memories from their lives are reconstructed, and gradually, the truth about the missing daughters is uncovered.

Vista Mare1

Vista Mare

Sometimes reality can seem surreal. This documentary takes you to an artificial world, constructed to entertain lazy holidaymakers. The film provides a close-up view of an Italian holiday paradise, filled with good food, water slides, dolphin shows, and beach aerobics. Behind the scenes, a host of employees work tirelessly to maintain the idyllic facade.

Pictures of Ghosts3

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Pictures of ghosts

In this personal documentary, the Brazilian filmmaker Kleber Mendonça Filho returns to his hometown of Recife. Time has changed, people have passed away, and many of the local cinemas have closed down. By delving into the cinematic ruins of the city, memories of a bygone era are awakened, and the director reconstructs his own subjective map of the city.

Seven Winters in Tehran3

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Seven Winters in Tehran

19-year-old Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari is attempted to be raped during a business meeting. In self-defense, she stabs the man, and she is convicted of murder. By recordings she made herself, we get insights into her time in prison, where she awaits the death penalty. At the same time, we follow her family’s desperate and painful struggle outside the prison walls to have her acquitted and released. Her sentence can be overturned if the deceased’s family forgives her.