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  • 81 min
  • Finland, Frankrike
  • Documentary
  • 9 years
  • 3 Screenings
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Deep in the Finnish forests, in the small village of Karkkila, Aki Kaurismäki is in the process of establishing a new cultural meeting place for the residents. The famous director transforms a closed-down foundry into a cinema venue, and the light from the movie projector ignites a new hope in the small community.

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Croatian director Veljko Vidak has made this whimsical documentary, which not only presents the encounter between people and the art of cinema but also focuses on the close bonds among inhabitants of small local communities.

Cinema Laika is a humorous, nostalgic, and warm tribute to cinema and the art of film. This winter, Kaurismäki's new masterpiece, Autumn Leaves (2023), has been shown in Norwegian cinemas, and Cinema Laik sheds new light on the unique world of the Finnish master.


Tuesday 05. march 16.00 16.00 Cinemateket
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Thursday 07. march 14.30 14.30 Prinsen 5
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Saturday 09. march 19.15 19.15 Prinsen 8
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Original title CINEMA LAIKA
Director Veljko Vidak
Year 2023
Length 81 min
Country Finland, Frankrike
Language finnish, french, english
Subtitles english