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Culinary cinema: more events released for Kosmorama 2023

Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst (K-U-K) and Kosmorama invites you to dinner and a screening of the culinary classic BABETTE'S FEAST (1987) at K-U-K.

K-U-K has in a short time become an important part of Trondheim's cityscape and cultural life. Now, in collaboration with Kosmorama, they invite you to a unique film night with the gallery's restaurant Gubalari. In the film, turtle soup, blinis Demidoff with caviar, quail in a sarcophagus with foie gras and truffle sauce, cheeses from Auvergne and baba (cake) with rum and fresh glazed fruit salad are served. During the film screening, Gubalari will serve their own interpretation of these five dishes - and we can't wait to taste them! It will also be possible to order a wine package with the meal.

The Film:

Babette's feast (1987)

Babette is a master chef in Paris, but must flee from revolution and riots in the French capital. She ends up in Jutland, where she gets a job as a housekeeper for the two daughters of the village's late priest. When Babette suddenly wins a lottery, she uses the money to serve a lovely feast to her hosts and their neighbours. Babette's cooking skills have been a secret until now, and she surprises her guests with her culinary specialties, as she serves the perfect meal.

This classic is based on a story by Karen Blixen and won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

The event:

We encourage you to buy tickets together with those you want to go with, so that you can sit at the same table. Contact us at if you have bought the tickets separately. The doors open at 18.00, and the film starts at 19.00.

This event is a part of Culinary Cinema, a program series from Kosmorama that focuses on food culture and combines taste experiences with film experiences. Kosmorama is extremely proud to be able to collaborate with some fantastic places in the food city of Trondheim! You will find more information about Culinary Cinema at and on our other channels as the festival approaches.

Hundred foot

Sulten på flere kulinariske filmopplevelser? Kosmorama har flere alternativer i det kulinariske programmet.

Spontan Vinbar og Kosmorama inviterer til tidenes fusion-aften - indisk møter klassisk fransk i Fjordgata! Vi viser filmen The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) sammen med en meny på syv serveringer.

Staben på Spontan har vært mye i Frankrike, og vinkartet er ekstremt godt plantet i de store franske regionene, noe dere vil merke denne kvelden. Valget av nettopp denne filmen falt også naturlig for oss, da en av kokkene på Spontan har indisk opphav. Dette blir derfor en opplevelse der både Spontan og gjestene på en genuin måte kan se hvordan man kan bygge en kulinarisk bro mellom disse landene. Vi gleder oss masse!

Filmvisningen vil foregå på Spontan med servering under filmvisningen og etter. Menyen vil være bygget opp av tre snacks, tre litt større retter og én dessert