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Kosmorama's Halloween favourites

The Kosmorama crew are feeling very autumnal, and are ready for stormy film nights. We want to share some film recommendations that offer an appropriately spooky atmosphere for Halloween.

Monday is Halloween! Horror films have a long, exciting and occasionally disturbing place in film history, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. That is why we at Kosmorama will not only recommend our personal horror favourites, but also offer a small historical overview. On the list you'll find horror films from every decade from the 1960s up to our time, and perhaps a new favourite?
These classics do well on any dark autumnal film night, and will do especially well this weekend.


THE BIRDS (1963)

Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

THE BIRDS follows Melanie's (Tippi Hedren) journey to a small coastal town where the local bird life suddenly and inexplicably begin to attack people.

Recommended by film manager Mads:
One of my most frightening film experiences from growing up is THE BIRDS! Not only is it a terrific film directed by a master, but the idea of ​​being subjected to blind violence from a scary gang of birds really left its mark. As Odd Børresen said: 'I hate seagulls'!



Dir. John Carpenter

In the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, a group of babysitters are stalked and killed by a masked menace.
The film is as scary as it is simple.

Recommended by Ada in communications:
It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without THREE WISHES FOR CINDERELLA, and it wouldn't be Halloween without HALLOWEEN! This classic is iconic on every level; Jamie Lee Curtis as the final girl, the masked killer, the setting, the music, everything oozes creepy autumn atmosphere and clichéd horror films, in the best possible way.

Elm Street


Dir. Wes Craven

A group of teenagers discover that they are all being pursued in their nightmares. They have to find out who this Freddy Krueger is, or both their sleep and their lives are in danger!

Recommended by junior producer Julie:
The 80s are back! This film is exactly what one expects and appreciates in an 80's slasher film. Campy, corny, and with an iconic antagonist. What's not to like? And who can resist a 21-year-old Johnny Depp in a crop top? Not me!

Last summer


Dir. Jim Gillespie

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER is about four young people who have one last summer before going on to college. Everything is seemingly a perfect vacation, until a series of bad choices leads to a fight for their lives rather than the best summer ever.

Recommended by producer Melissa:
It's I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER's 25th anniversary! I recently saw it at a rooftop cinema in New York, which was a completely magical atmosphere where I both laughed and felt shock several times. A classic that everyone should see or revisit!

The Others


Dir. Alejandro Amenábar

Grace (Nicole Kidman) and her two sickly children live on a remote estate, waiting for her husband to come home from the war. Strange phenomena convince Grace that the house is haunted.

Recommended by festival manager Silje.
This film is a challenge for anyone who can get scared of their own house, but if you dare it is absolutely recommended. in THE OTHERS, Nicole Kidman plays superbly as a woman searching for answers in her big, dark and haunted house.



Dir. Ari Aster

A group of students travel to Sweden to observe a midsummer celebration. Psychedelic Swedish herbs, shocking rituals, and disorienting midnight sun make this a field trip from hell.

Recommended by communications manager Agnes:
I hate horror movies and still regret watching MIDSUMMAR 2 years ago. The film's nightmarish atmosphere, set to bright and Nordic days and nights that run into one, has left deep impressions that still mark me to this day. The film will surprise and fascinate you - and not least SHOCK you. A must see horror film, unfortunately. And Florence Pugh is superb.