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Filmtips week 22

Kosmorama recommends quality films for this week.
You can catch these titles either on the big screen or on various streaming services.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga


Where: Trondheim Kino

"Master photographer Sean Price Williams blew up the Cannes festival with his directorial debut!" - Montages

Lillian, a teenager from South Carolina, is separated from her class on a school trip to Washington DC during a bar shooting. From there, she embarks on an Alice in Wonderland-like adventure to the darkest corners of contemporary America.

Before The Sweet East took the Cannes festival by storm this spring, Sean Price Williams was primarily known as a cinematographer to film buffs. Through photographic work on some independent American films, he has distinguished himself as a very exciting cinematographer. With his directorial debut, he further confirms this. The film, a nihilistic journey through the United States, where neither conservatives nor liberals are safe, is packed with pitch-dark humor that masterfully takes the pace of a nation at breaking point. In front of the camera, Williams has shooting star Talia Ryder (Never Rarely Sometimes Always), Simon Rex (Red Rocket), Jacob Elordi (Euphoria), and a number of others.

True Stories


Where: Cinemateket

In 1984, the new wave band Talking Heads released the concert film Stop Making Sense. It turned out to be a major success, both among critics and audiences. Frontman David Byrne, always seeking alternative media to express himself, used his newfound success in the film industry to persuade Warner Bros. to release his first, and to date only, feature film.

In the film, David Byrne's narrator travels to the fictional town of Virgil, Texas. The town is filled with quirky and musical characters preparing to celebrate the town's 150th anniversary. His interactions with the town's inhabitants form the basis of the film's plot. Despite having a major company backing him and big names like John Goodman in the cast, Byrne was granted full creative freedom in the production, a fact evident in the final product. David Byrne's unique humor, sharpness, and aesthetics can be felt in every scene. A delight from start to finish. The songs from the film were released on two different albums.

One was a soundtrack featuring the songs performed by the actors in the film, and the other contained Talking Heads' own recordings and became their seventh studio album.

Review: Bergen Film Club/editor.



Where: Streaming/Filmoteket

The moderately intelligent crooks Jean-Gab and Manu find a giant fly in the trunk of a car they have stolen to perform a courier job. It's the size of a farm cat. But instead of fleeing in fear and trying to forget what they've seen, they decide to adopt the fly, which they name Dominique, and train it in bank robbery. Madness ensues in the wake of their decision.