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Film tips for the summer

Kosmorama recommends quality films for the entire summer. You can catch these titles either on the big screen or on various streaming services!

Late Night With The Devil


Where: Trondheim Kino

October 31, 1977. Jack Delroy, a competitor to Johnny Carson, hosts the syndicated talk show ‘Night Owls,’ which has been a faithful companion to sleepless viewers across the country. After Jack's wife tragically died a year ago, the ratings have plummeted. Desperate to turn things around, Jack plans an unprecedented Halloween special, unaware that he is about to unleash a terrible evil into American homes.

Late Night With The Devil is a critically acclaimed horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Robot Dreams


Where: Trondheim Kino

Nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and winner of Best Animated Feature at the European Film Awards!

Robot Dreams tells the story of Dog, who lives in 1980s Manhattan and is tired of being alone. Out of boredom, he builds a robot to keep him company, and the result exceeds all expectations: the two become inseparable. But one day, Dog is forced to leave his robot friend behind. Will they ever meet again?

A deeply human and touching story about loneliness and friendship, about letting go and moving on in life. Robot Dreams is not only moving and beautiful, but it also offers a fantastic portrait of 1980s New York.

Funny Games


Where: Streaming

A hot summer day in a holiday paradise by a beautiful lake. The Schober family settles into their spacious summer house, preparing for delightful days behind secure fences and a solid, locked gate. But someone nearby has different plans. Two white-clad and exceptionally polite boys knock on the Schober family's door, asking to borrow some eggs. How did they get through the gate?

The boys are dressed in white, as if ready for sailing or golf, and they wear white gloves. But one of them is afraid of dogs, and the eggs break. The game is on. Soon, the luxury villa transforms into a ruthless extermination camp with no escape. Is it allowed to cheat? To lie? Who sets the rules of the game? Perhaps all human interaction is just a game? Maybe life, death, salvation, and punishment are pieces in a giant bet that individuals can only partially comprehend?

The two white-clad boys bear the apostles' names—Peter and Paul—but they also refer to each other as TV slaves Beavis and Butthead, or cartoon characters Tom & Jerry. Are they playful and merciless silk devils, insane psychopaths, religious fanatics, or simply avenging angels?

Michael Haneke, the Austrian master director who brought us the trilogy The Seventh Continent (1989), Benny's Video (1992), and 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance (1994), presents here a nerve-wracking thriller that shook press and audience at the Cannes Festival in 1997. Once again, Haneke wants us to contemplate how media violence affects us and what it does to us in the long run. But this time, he goes about it in a new, much more effective way.

Perfect Days

Perfect days

Where: Streaming

Hirayama cleans public toilets in Tokyo. To and from work, he drives while listening to cassettes of classic pop and rock. In his apartment, he has few pieces of furniture, many books, and quite a few plants. His days are filled with routines, and life is balanced, but one day, a young niece arrives unexpectedly. Hirayama's life will never be the same again.

With this Oscar-nominated gem about the small yet essential things in life, Wim Wenders demonstrates his mastery as a director. Kôji Yakusho, who plays Hirayama, received the Best Actor award at Cannes, and the film won the Audience Award at the Film from the South Festival.



Where: Streaming

Young Ada is forced into an arranged marriage with a wealthy man and is heartbroken when the one she truly loves goes missing at sea—but a miracle brings them back together.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mr beans holiday

Where: Streaming

The unlucky Mr. Bean goes on holiday to the French Riviera, where he gets entangled in an accidental kidnapping and a case of mistaken identity.


Somewhere 2010 09

Where: Streaming

Somewhere is a drama from the director of Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola. In September, it was awarded the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

The successful and often scandal-ridden actor Johnny Marco lives at Hollywood's legendary Chateau Marmont Hotel, leading a life of excess. His days are filled with drinks, women, fast cars, and adoring fans. In Johnny's self-absorbed world, only one thing matters—Johnny himself. The star's existence is turned upside down when his eleven-year-old daughter Cleo unexpectedly moves in with him, prompting him to reconsider his entire life.

Do The Right Thing

Do the right thing 409971871 large

Where: Streaming

A tale of racial tensions and hatred on a summer afternoon in a predominantly Black Brooklyn neighborhood.

A Bigger Splash

A bigger splash

Where: Streaming

An American couple, Paul and Marianne, spend their vacation in Italy but encounter problems when the wife invites a former lover and his teenage daughter to visit. This leads to jealousy and dangerous situations arise.

The Wicker Man

Wicker man

Where: Streaming

They do things differently on Summerisle. They teach of Christianity in passing, but their own beliefs are more ancient ... the strange, mysterious customs and rituals of distant places and bygone half forgotten days. But Summerisle is no distant South Pacific atoll - it is a small, remote, privately owned, twentieth-century island off the western coast of Scotland. To Summerisle comes Sergeant Howie of the Western Highland Police, investigating the alleged disappearance of twelve-year-old Rowan Morrison. What starts as a routine enquiry becomes a terrifying nightmare for this devout churchgoer.