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Theater: 03:08:38 TILSTANDER AV UNNTAK

Kosmorama presents in collaboration with Rosendal Teater the audiovisual performance 03:08:38 Tilstander av Unntak by Tore Vagn Lid with Transiteatret-Bergen.

03:08:38 Tilstander av Unntak by Bergen director Tore Vagn Lid guests Rosendal Teater 10 and 11 March. Kosmorama is a co-organiser.

The performance is a minute-by-minute reconstruction of the afternoon of July 22, 2011 presented in real time, centered around a composite of authentic radio broadcasts and audio recordings from that day. Against the soundscapes, a team of artists, filmmakers and musicians work with their interpretations of the day and the sequence of events as a direct film recording. The performance has received the Hedda Prize for Best Audiovisual Design and for Special Artistic Effort.

Symposium Saturday 11 March at 10.00-16.00 at Rosendal Theatre:
With this performance as a catalyst, artists, academics and critics discuss dramaturgy as an insight into the art of connections; not only connections within a theater performance, but also connections between different art forms, between art and society and between art and academia.

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"It only takes one performance on 22 July, this one"

"I would not have thought that a minute-by-minute theater performance from the terrorist attack on 22 July 2011 would become one of the most meaningful things I have seen in a theater for a long time."
- Karen Frøysland Nystøyl, NRK

"A theatrical experience of the rare, big thought and big execution"
- Day and time, Jan Landro

"The fact is that '03:08:38 State of exception' will perhaps remain as the most central artistic treatment of the day of July 22 and its course of events. Not over causal patterns, consequences, named persons or bureaucracy, but the actual events.”

- Dagsavisen, Mode Steinkjær

"We never got to see Memory Wound, Jonas Dahlberg's promising draft for a national memorial on Utøya (...)

With 'States of Exception', the nation has finally got a memorial to 22 July 2011."

- Prof of art history Siri Meyer, Kunstkritikk.no