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Oscar films on Kosmorama

January 24 the Oscar nominations were announced. The 2023 Oscar Awards Ceremony, the 95th, is on Sunday March 12 (Sunday night Norwegian Time), same week as Kosmorama Film Festival. That is why Kosmorama has chosen to put a focus on Oscar films as a part of this year’s program, both the classics and the recent nominees. We guarantee you the Oscar mood, including red carpet, glitter and glamour, and carefully picked films from the top-shelf.

“And the Oscar goes to …” are words we have heard a number of times, but when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences saw the day of light in 1927 nobody thought of Oscar. The Organization decided to hand out an award each year as a recognition of excellence in cinematic achievements within the various categories. In May 1929, only months before the crash on Wallstreet Stock Market caused a world economic crisis, the first iconic statuette was given. A couple of years later the award became known as Oscar. Today we do not know for sure who came up with this name. During World War 2 the statuette was made of plaster due to the bad times. In 1953 the Academy Award ceremony was televised for the first time. With all its glamour The Oscars is the most-watched televised Award Ceremony in the World.

Here is a small taste from our Oscar Focus. Stay tuned to discover which classics and fresh nominees will be screened during this year's festival. See the Oscar films here:

The Oscar Classics will be screened at Cinemateket and one of them is THE STING from 1973. The film, with Paul Newman and Robert Redford as main characters, hauled in seven Oscars and also has a 50th anniversary this year. Audrey Hepburn og Gregory Peck are also well known names in film history and this year marks a 70th anniversary since they met in ROMAN HOLIDAY from 1953. For her effort Hepburn earned an Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role.

Of course we have not forgotten this year's nominees, some of them you will find in our program. TÁR reached six nominations and WOMEN TALKING two, both in the category Best Film. You can watch these two films at Prinsen kinosenter, together with a few more of the fresh nominees. And perhaps one of them and the involved filmworkers are mentioned after the words: “And the Oscar goes to …”