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Norwegian film festivals want closer collaboration

Kosmorama are looking forward to collaborating more closely with the other Norwegian film festivals, says festival director Silje Engeness.

In the picture: The representatives of the various festivals gathered during the film festival in Bergen in October (Photo: BIFF)

At the Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) in October, representatives from several of the country's film festivals met at the national convention for film. At the convention, there were several panel discussions and among the topics highlighted was how Norwegian film festivals can collaborate better in the future.

The following day there was a separate meeting where several Norwegian film festivals gathered to look into this in more detail. The festivals agreed to create a network to promote the interests of the Norwegian film festivals going forward.

From Kosmorama, director Silje Engeness and film manager Mads Outzen participated.

- It is very positive that Tor Fosse and BIFF took the initiative for this meeting, says Engeness.

Silje Engeness from Kosmorama, Ketil Magnusssen from the Human International Film Festival and Magnus Holtermann from BIFF were chosen as a working committee, which now works to put the framework for the collaboration in place.