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Kosmorama's christmas film favourites

The Kosmorama staff have pulled some personal favorites out of santa's bag, and here are our recommendations for Christmas films.
Merry Christmas from us at Kosmorama!

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MORS HUS (1974)

Dir. Per Blom

This may not be the most "Christmasy" of Christmas films, but I think it's one of the best. MORS HUS is based on a Knut Faldbakken novel and is about Petter who drops out of his studies, breaks up with his fiancee and travels home to his mother in Gjøvik to celebrate Christmas. The overprotective mother's relationship with her son is steeped in jealousy, longing and a desire to have him all to herself. Bente Børsum shines in the role of the mother. This masterpiece by Per Blom was for a long time completely impossible to see, but now the film is available on some streaming services.

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KLAUS (2019)

Dir. Sergio Pablos

One of my newer Christmas favorites, which has become a new tradition in just a couple of years. An absolutely fantastic animated film (Oscar winner!) that tells an alternative version of how Santa Claus became Santa Claus. The scene with the little Sami girl on her new sled is a guaranteed goosebumps enducer! If this is not already a Christmas tradition in your home, it is definitely the time to add it to the list.

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Dir. Ingmar Bergman

Christmas is a great time, but it also has the ability to make me sad. What I take from Nattvardsgästerna is a reminder of the influence you have on other people, it is important to remember in a time when things can be extra difficult for some. The film can be rented on Viaplay.

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Dir. Jeremiah S. Chechik

The Griswalds, like most of us, have big plans for the perfect Christmas holiday. Decorating, cooking and visiting family oscillate between cozy and stressful chaos, and everything that can go wrong does of course go wrong in this American slapstick classic.

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Dir. Ron Howard

In Whoville, everyone loves Christmas. But just outside the city lives the green, vengeful Grinch, with big plans for how he can steal Christmas. He complains about how commercial and tiring Christmas is, and maybe he has a point? This is a funny and warm comedy based on Dr. Seuss' book and illustrations, and is available on several streaming services.

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Dir. Bob Clark

Even though this is a horror film, it is definitely worth watching at Christmas. In a sorority house, female students disappear one by one, and suspense and murder go hand in hand with snow, colorful Christmas lights and glittering decorations. Women's rights and safety are also an important aspect of the film, and it is therefore unfortunately just as relevant today as when it came out in the 70s. This is a good option to get your heart rate up a bit during an otherwise quiet time.

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Dir. Joe Dante

Some Christmas gifts can have disastrous outcomes. In GREMLINS, Billy breaks three important rules regarding his new pet and unleashes a horde of mischievous monsters that cause Christmas mayhem. This is a horror comedy for those who like chaos, dark humor and the 80s.