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Film tips week 12

Kosmorama recommends quality films for this week.
This week, we focus on road movies in connection with both Paris, Texas screening at Cinemateket and Drive-Away Dolls premiering at Trondheim Kino!

You can catch these titles either on the big screen or on various streaming services!

Drive-away Dolls

Untitled 1

Where: Trondheim Kino
A lesbian road trip comedy from Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke.

Jamie (Margaret Qualley) is a free-spirited and restless soul, on her way out of yet another relationship. In search of a fresh start, she convinces her uptight friend, Marian (Geraldine Viswanathan), to join her on a spontaneous road trip to Tallahassee. What was supposed to be a trip full of adventure takes a serious turn when they unwittingly pick up a rental car meant for a group of criminals.

Paris, Texas


Where: Cinemateket

A well-dressed man wanders steadfastly through a vast and barren landscape in Texas. The tones from Ry Cooder's slide guitar suggest he carries a deep sorrow. When the man is found severely depleted, he has no belongings or papers to identify him, and he seems unable to communicate. Only a business card with a phone number connects him to the outside world. The phone number belongs to the man's brother, who is shocked to hear that Travis, missing for four years, is still alive.

Travis's inability to communicate turns out to be more than just exhaustion. When his brother Walter takes him back to Los Angeles, the family, even his own son, is met with only nods and no words. Travis needs time to rediscover himself and reconnect with the world around him. A deep and tragic love affair has left him in a state of extreme apathy. But gradually, with the help of his family, he begins to come alive again. Travis realizes he must confront the trauma that paralyzed him and takes his son Hunter on a journey in search of Hunter's mother and Travis's former wife.

In Paris, Texas, we find many of the themes Wim Wenders has explored throughout his career: longing, memories, alienation, and isolation, but also the journey (both literal and metaphorical) and the transcendent power of love. The film is also marked by Wenders' fascination with America, as both an idea and a cliché, masterfully captured on film by Robby Müller. Moreover, Harry Dean Stanton's performance (his first leading role) is superb, truly unforgettable.

Thelma & Louise


Where: streaming

Louise works as a waitress and is having issues with her boyfriend Jimmy, who struggles with commitment. Thelma is married to Darryl, who expects her to stay in the kitchen so he can watch American football undisturbed. One day, Thelma and Louise decide to leave their lives behind, if only for a weekend. What starts as an adventure takes a dramatic turn at a roadside diner in Arkansas, forever altering their lives.