Kosmorama 2021

The program for the 17th edition of Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival will be announced in February 2021. Meanwhile, take a look at the program for Kosmorama 2020.

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Program 2020

All categories
17 Blocks
Davy Rothbart 2019, United States
A Bug's Life
John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton 1998, United States
A Good Woman is Hard to Find
Abner Pastoll 2019, United Kingdom, Belgium
A Son
Mehdi M. Barsaoui 2019, Tunisia, France, Lebanon, Qatar
About Endlessness
Roy Andersson 2019, Sweden, Germany, Norway
Adults in the Room
Costa-Gavras 2019, France, Greece
Josephine Mackerras 2019, Australia, France, United Kingdom
Amazing Grace
Alan Elliott 2019, United States
Asif Kapadia 2015, United States
Sophie Deraspe 2019, Canada
Armi Alive!
Jörn Donner 2015, Finland
Kantemir Balagov 2019, Russia
Beau Travail
Claire Denis 1999, France
Beware of Children
Dag Johan Haugerud 2019, Norway, Sweden
The Biggest Little Farm
John Chester 2018, United States
The Birds
Anders T. Andersen 2019, Norway
The Borrowed Dress
Leen Alfaisal 2018, Syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon
Rodd Rathjen 2019, Australia
Amanda Kernell 2020, Sweden, Norway
Citizen K
Alex Gibney 2019, United Kingdom, United States
The Climb
Michael Angelo Covino 2019, United States
The Collini Case
Marco Kreuzpaintner 2019, Germany
Color Out of Space
Richard Stanley 2019, Portugal, United States, Malaysia
The Confession
Costa-Gavras 1970, France
Corpus Christi
Jan Komasa 2019, Poland
Coyote Ugly at Lokal Club
David McNally 2000, United States
Culinary Cinema: Kitchen Stories
Bent Hamer 2003, Norway
Culinary cinema: Goodfellas
Martin Scorsese 1990, United States
Dance With Me
Soroush Sehat 2019, Iran
Niels Arden Oplev, Anders W. Berthelsen 2019, Denmark
Dark Waters
Todd Haynes 2019, United States
Dead Dicks
Chris Bavota, Lee Paula Springer 2019, Canada
Quentin Dupieux 2019, France
Naoki Murahashi 2019, Japan
The Farewell
Lulu Wang 2019, United States, China
Film Seminar: Watermark
2013, Canada
Film with Words at Lokal Scene: Thelma and Louise
For Sama
Waad Al-Kateab, Edward Watts 2019, United Kingdom
The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil
Won-Tae Lee 2019, South Korea
Garry Keane, Andrew McConnell 2019, Ireland, Palestine
Gipsy Queen
Huseyin Tabak 2019, Germany, Austria
The Good Intentions
Ana Garcia Blaya 2019, Argentina
Hail Satan?
Penny Lane 2018, United States
High Life
Claire Denis 2018, France, Germany, United Kingdom
Honey Boy
Alma Har'el 2019, United States
Maria Sødahl 2019, Norway
The House of Us
Yoon Ga-Eun 2019, South Korea
Tonje Hessen Schei 2019, Norway
Inna de Yard
Peter Webber 2019, France
Into the Darkness
Anders Refn 2020, Denmark
Lijo Jose Pellissery 2019, India
Vibeke Løkkeberg 1981, Norway
Latte and the Magic Waterstone
Regina Welker, Nina Wels 2019, Germany, Belgium
Let there be light
Marko Škop 2019, Slovakia, Czech Republic
Loss and Love
Ragnhild Nøst Bergem, Erlend Eirik Mo
The Manila Lover
Johanna Pyykkö
Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants
Hélène Giraud, Thomas Szabo 2013, France
Oliver Hermanus 2019, South Africa
Nasi Padang
Audun Amundsen 2020, Norway, Indonesia, Australia
Audun Amundsen
One Child Nation
Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang 2019, USA
Outdoor Cinema at Solsiden: La La Land
Outdoor Cinema at Solsiden: Trondheimsreisen
The Painted Bird
Václav Marhoul 2019, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine
Mounia Meddour 2019, France, Algeria, Belgium, Qatar
Parasite (B&W Version)
Bong Joon-Ho
The Peanut Butter Falcon
Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz 2019, United States
The Perfect Candidate
Haifa Al-Mansour 2019, Saudi Arabia, Germany
The Quiet One
Oliver Murray 2019, United Kingdom
Quiz at Lokal Scene
Sarah Gavron 2019, United Kingdom
Saturday Night Fever
John Badham 1977, United States
Scare Package
Emily Hagins, Aaron B. Koontz, Chris McInroy, Noah Segan, Courtney Andujar, Hillary Andujar, Anthony Cousins, Baron Vaughn 2019, United States
Shock Troops
1967, France, Italy
The Sleeping Car Murders
Costa-Gavras 1965, France
So Long, My Son
Wang Xioashuai 2019, China
The Sonata
Andrew Desmond 2018, France
The Souvenir
Joanna Hogg 2019, United Kingdom
Nadav Lapid 2019, France, Israel, Germany
Tears of Gaza
Vibeke Løkkeberg 2010, Norway, Palestine
Things to Come
Mia Hansen-Løve 2016, France, Germany
To the Stars
Martha Stephens 2019, United States
Céline Sciamma 2011, France
The Traitor
Marco Bellocchio 2019, Italy
The Travelling Players
Theodoros Angelopoulos 1975, Greece
Trondheim on Film Part 2
Harald Torp, Lyder Selvig, Rolf Grankvist 2020, Norway
Two Buddies and a Badger
Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Rune Spaans 2015, Norway
Two of Us
Filippo Meneghetti 2019, France, Belgium, Luxembourg
Frelle Petersen 2019, Denmark
VIMFF World Tour
Sam Thompson, Sophie Ballagh, Ewan Blyth, Jay Trusler 2019, Canada, Antarctica, Australia
White Riot
Rubika Shah 2019, United Kingdom
Anastasia Mikova, Yann Arthus-Bertrand 2019, France
You Deserve a Lover
Hafsia Herzi 2019, France
Young Ahmed
Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne 2019, France, Belgium
Your Turn
Eliza Capai 2019, Brazil
Costa-Gavras 1969, France, Algeria

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