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Where Are We Headed

  • 70 min
  • Belarus, Russia
  • Documentary
  • 5 Screenings
Where Are We Headed2
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Where Are We Headed1

With an observational camera, director Ruslan Fedotov captures everyday life in Moscow's crowded subway network with people on their way to work, off to a party or trying to earn a living as street musicians.

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One man tries in vain to sell big red balloons, and a Santa Claus discusses Dostoevsky, capitalism, the solar system and the existence of God with random passers-by.

This documentary provides an irresistible portrait of Russians and how they understand their own position in the world community. Director Fedotov shows that he has an exceptionally keen eye for proximity, while at the same time being far more ambitious than just a presenter of the trivial. By showing several everyday episodes, he divulges a startling array of culture, history and social conditions in one of the great world powers.

Where Are We Headed is a masterful documentary, enjoyable as it is insightful.


Monday 07. march 16.00 16.00 Prinsen 7
Thursday 10. march 22.00 22.00 Prinsen 2
Friday 11. march 15.45 15.45 Prinsen 7
Saturday 12. march 17.30 17.30 Prinsen 2
Sunday 13. march 12.15 12.15 Kongesalen


Original title Where Are We Headed
Director Ruslan Fedotov
Year 2021
Length 70 min
Land Belarus, Russia
Language Russian
Subtitles English