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  • 97 min
  • France
  • New Directors
  • 12 years
  • 3 Screenings
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Lydia is a midwife, and on the same day her boyfriend breaks up with her, her friend Salomé finds out she's pregnant. Lydia tries to cope with the stark contrasts in her life. She has a one-night stand with the bus driver Milo, and she helps Salomé as much as she can through her pregnancy and birth. When Lydia coincidentally meets Milo again, she decides to tell an exceptionally grave lie that could have significant consequences.

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Actress Hafsia Herzi, along with a strong screenplay, manages to convey Lydia's complex dilemma. Even though her actions are not rational, it is easy to understand her longing to be loved.

This captivating film debut by Iris Kaltenbäck is both down-to-earth and exciting, exploring how friendships are tested after major upheavals in life—and how far a person may be willing to go to be seen.


Tuesday 05. march 12.15 12.15 Prinsen 5
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Friday 08. march 12.00 12.00 Prinsen 3
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Saturday 09. march 18.00 18.00 Prinsen 5
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Original title LE RAVISSEMENT
Director Iris KALTENBÄCK
Year 2023
Length 97 min
Country France
Language French
Subtitles english
Cast Hafsia HERZI, Alexis MANENTI, Nina MEURISSE