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  • 116 min
  • New Zealand, Australia, France
  • 2 Screenings
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The Piano was Jane Campion’s most significant international breakthrough, and her first Oscar success. Nominated for eight Academy Awards, including best film and best director, it won best original screenplay for Campion herself, and best lead and supporting actress for Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin respectively. This film about a Scottish woman who lands in the rugged colony of New Zealand in the 19th century to marry a man she has never met, has become a modern classic which has now turned 30 years old.

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After her highly original debut Sweetie (1989) and the warm, idiosyncratic An Angel at My Table (1990) - a biography of author Janet Frame - Campion established herself as a director who navigates emotionally rough terrain with aplomb. Her films deal with strong female characters who struggle to release their inner voices, characters that to the conventional outside world would easily be labelled as schizophrenic or mad.

With The Piano, Campion surprises in her choice of an almost helpless female protagonist. The images of Ada and her daughter on the beach with their Victorian clothes and furniture seem nothing less than absurd in all their tragicomic appearance. In many ways, The Piano has a lot more in common with Campion's most recent film The Power of the Dog (2021), a film that won her another Oscar, this time for best director.


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Original title THE PIANO
Director Jane CAMPION
Year 1993
Length 116 min
Country New Zealand, Australia, France
Language English
Subtitles Norwegian
Cast Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Anna Parquin