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  • 77 min
  • Iran
  • Society
  • 12 years
  • 3 Screenings
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Terrestrial Verses2
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A father struggles to choose a name for his newborn son, while a mother must defend her young daughter's choice of clothing and interests. A man undergoes an uncomfortable interrogation to obtain his driver's license, while a woman must endure an inappropriate job interview. These are among the situations depicted in the various intriguing vignettes that make up this film narrative.

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This is a courageous, compelling, and humorous satire. The many stories revolve around the individual's encounter with cultural, religious, and social ideologies and institutions in the authoritarian Iranian society. At the same time, the film challenges us as viewers, as a static camera forces us to take the perspective of unjust and unreasonable individuals wielding their power.

Terrestrial Verses is an underground film from the director duo Ali Asgari and Alireza Khatami. It was shot shortly after the Mahsa Amini protest movement began. The film led to Iranian authorities imposing a ban on Asgari from leaving the country and making more films. The film itself is also a kind of protest, offering a critical and important glimpse into the daily lives of ordinary people in Iran.


Monday 04. march 22.00 22.00 Prinsen 2
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Thursday 07. march 16.15 16.15 Prinsen 3
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Saturday 09. march 10.30 10.30 Prinsen 8
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Original title Ayeh haye zamini
Director Ali ASGARI
Year 2023
Length 77 min
Country Iran
Language persian
Subtitles english