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  • 92 min
  • United States
  • Culinary Cinema
  • 15 years
  • 1 Screening

Spontan and Kosmorama invite you to Culinary Cinema! Spontan is serving up a five-course menu with truffle as the common thread. The menu will cost 1395 NOK per person, and it will also be possible to purchase a customized drink menu at the restaurant.

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Nicolas Cage takes on the lead role in Pig (2021), where we follow a truffle hunter on a somewhat bizarre quest to retrieve his kidnapped truffle pig. When the film's central character is a truffle pig, it's only natural to let the highly sought-after mushroom dictate the menu.

About the film:
What do you do when someone steals your pig? You make a plan to get it back, no matter the cost. Nicolas Cage plays a loner who faces this dilemma when his beloved truffle pig is kidnapped. The pursuit leads him to Portland, where he is confronted with his past.

About the event:
We advise you to purchase tickets with those you plan to attend with so that you can be seated at the same table. Please contact us at admin@kosmorama.no if you have purchased tickets separately. The doors open at 18.30, and the movie is starts at 19.00. The wine bar will opens at 15.00.

The event is part of Culinary Cinema, a program series from Kosmorama that highlights food culture and combines taste experiences with film experiences. Kosmorama is proud to collaborate with some of the fantastic players in the culinary scene of Trondheim!


Tuesday 05. march 19.00 19.00 Annet
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Original title PIG
Director Michael SARNOSKI
Year 2021
Length 92 min
Country United States
Language English
Subtitles norwegian
Cast Nicolas CAGE, Alex WOLFF, Adam Arkin