No Bears No Bears No Bears No Bears


  • 107 min
  • Iran
  • Society
  • 3 Screenings
No Bears
No Bears

Making a film is never easy, especially when the filming process has to be kept clandestine and directed virtually in exile because the filmmaker is prohibited from doing so. Through a narrative of two parallel love stories, in both the film and the film-within-the-film universe, on opposite sides of the border between Iran and Turkey, the now-imprisoned master director Jafar Panahi balances light-heartedness and gravitas with his usual stylistic mix of fiction and documentary and thematic undertones of humanism and social criticism.

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Panahi is arguably the most significant Iranian filmmaker of our time, known for films such as The White Balloon (1995), The Mirror (1997), The Circle (2000), Offside (2005), and Taxi Teheran (2015). He was arrested in 2010 for alleged ‘civil disobedience’ and ‘propaganda’ against the strict Iranian regime. Since then he has been banned from making films and from leaving the country. For long periods he has been under house arrest, and last summer he was arrested again and is still detained as we watch this film.

No Bears continues the brilliant tradition of Panahi’s impressive filmography. It deservedly won the jury's special prize during the Venice Film Festival, as well as both the main prize and the honorary prize for Film from the South here in Norway.


Tuesday 07. march 15.00 15.00
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Friday 10. march 17.15 17.15
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Sunday 12. march 12.45 12.45
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Original title KHERS NIST
Director Jafar PANAHI
Year 2022
Length 107 min
Country Iran
Language Farsi
Subtitles English
Cast Jafar PANAHI, Naser HASEMI, Vahid Mobasheri