Hive1 Hive1 Hive1 Hive1


  • 84 min
  • Kosovo, Switzerland, Albania, Macedonia
  • New Directors
  • 4 Screenings

Based on a true story, Hive is an award-winning feature film from Kosovo. The film's main character, Fahrije, has to take care of her children and father-in-law while at the same time mourning her husband who disappeared during the 1998-1999 Kosovo War. To make ends meet, she sells honey at the local market in the village, though it is clearly inadequate in providing for her modest household.

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It is only when she gets a driver's license and strikes up a deal with a supermarket in a larger neighbouring town to sell self-produced ajvar (a hot pepper preserve that is considered one of the Balkans’ delicacies) that it becomes something that can resemble a more lucrative livelihood. Gradually, she recruits more of the women in the village to the project, and together they challenge the perennially harsh patriarchal attitudes. They’re faced with a great deal of resistance and prejudice along the way, but what else can you do when the men are gone? It’s eat or be eaten, so they choose to build a new life.


Tuesday 08. march 21.45 21.45
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Wednesday 09. march 13.30 13.30
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Thursday 10. march 15.00 15.00
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Saturday 12. march 15.30 15.30
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Original title Zgjoi
Director Blerta Basholli
Year 2021
Length 84 min
Country Kosovo, Switzerland, Albania, Macedonia
Language Albanian
Subtitles English
Cast Yllka Gashi, Çun Lajçi, Aurita Agushi