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  • 90 min
  • France
  • Kosmokids
  • 1 Screening
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Kosmokids welcomes you to Prinsen cinema for a family screening of Heart of Oak, and all the animals that live in it of course. Meet this majestic oak tree and get to know its secret life!

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In the forested area of Sologne in France, mice, ants, birds and fauna seek refuge in and around an oak tree buzzing with life. Through all four seasons we get to know those who live there, and the way they interact with both the 210-year-old oak tree and each other. This is a dialogue-free film and one of the year's most visually striking nature film experiences to hit the big screen. It will strike a chord with both young and old.

In their own unique way, documentary filmmakers Laurent Charbonnier and Michel Seydoux uncover the secret life of the main characters - that is to say the animals.


Saturday 11. march 12.00 12.00
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Original title LE CHÊNE
Director Laurent CHARBONNIER
Year 2022
Length 90 min
Country France
Language no speech
Subtitles No subtitles