Green Border Green Border Green Border Green Border


  • 152 min
  • Poland, France, Czech Republic
  • Society
  • 15 years
  • 3 Screenings
Green Border3
Green Border
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The border crossing between Belarus and Poland is the location in this important and powerful, reality-based masterpiece from master director Agnieszka Holland. The film focuses on the politically manipulated humanitarian crisis that occurred in the region in 2021 when refugees from various war zones in the Middle East and North Africa were lured to the area with promises of an easy way into the EU but instead became pawns in an inhumane power game.

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By examining individual destinies that also reflect the larger picture, the film follows the refugees' struggle to cross the border and survive, the border guards hunting them, and the activists doing their best to help in the situation.

Green Border is a well-crafted and poignant film that sheds light on morality and humanity in a brave, compelling, and timely manner – a critically acclaimed film that won the jury's special prize and several other awards at the Venice Film Festival. In Poland, however, the film has faced resistance from authorities and those in power.


Tuesday 05. march 15.00 15.00 Prinsen 2
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Friday 08. march 18.00 18.00 Prinsen 6
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Sunday 10. march 16.00 16.00 Prinsen 3
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Original title ZIELONA GRANICA
Director Agnieszka HOLLAND
Year 2023
Length 152 min
Country Poland, France, Czech Republic
Language Polish, Arabic, English
Subtitles english
Cast Jalal Altawil, Maja Ostaszewska, Behi Djanati Atai