Boy From Heaven 3 Boy From Heaven 3 Boy From Heaven 3 Boy From Heaven 3


  • 126 min
  • Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France
  • Society
  • 3 Screenings
Boy From Heaven 2
Boy From Heaven 3
Boy From Heaven 2
Boy From Heaven 1

Adam, the young son of a fisherman, gets the opportunity to study at the prestigious Al-Azhar University, a political and religious center of power both in Egypt and Sunni Islam alike. The sudden death of the university's Grand Imam leaves a power vacuum, and Adam unwittingly becomes involved in an intricate struggle for the coveted position of successor.

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Swedish-Egyptian filmmaker Tarek Saleh has created a remarkably stylish mix of exciting conspiracy thrillers and sophisticated characterisation. With memorable character interpretation from, among others, Palestinian Tawfeek Barhom and Swedish favourite Fares Fares, he takes us head on into a power struggle in an environment rarely seen on film.

Boy from Heaven, alternatively known as Cairo Conspiracy, premiered and won the award for best screenplay at last year's Cannes festival. Since then, the film has been chosen to be Sweden's candidate for the Academy Award for Best International Film, and has been screened at film festivals around the world.


Monday 06. march 16.00 16.00
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Thursday 09. march 17.30 17.30
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Sunday 12. march 17.30 17.30
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Original title Walad Min Al Janna
Director Tarik SALEH
Year 2022
Length 126 min
Country Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France
Language Arabic
Subtitles English
Cast Tawfeek BARHUM, Fares FARES, Mohammad BAKRI