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  • 95 min
  • Chile, Argentina, Qatar
  • New Directors
  • 3 Screenings
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In 1976, Carmen heads off to her family's beach house to prepare it for guests during one of the most violent years of the Pinochet regime in Chile. It is here that she is visited by a priest, who asks her to come to the church to help nurse an injured young man. Carmen becomes increasingly involved in a dangerous political struggle for freedom.

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Actress Manuela Martelli makes her directorial debut with this compelling, stylish and timely political thriller whose political backdrop is vividly portrayed through her strong, decisive direction. The film is marked by the brilliant performance of veteran actress Aline Kuppenheim, who is joined by several highly skilled actresses in most of the key roles.

Since its premiere last year at Cannes, 1976 has been screened at several renowned film festivals, receiving widespread praise, with both director and lead actress deservedly coming away with awards.

About the director
Manuela Martelli (b. 1983, Santiago) had a lot of experience as an actress and screenwriter before she turned to directing. Martelli studied film at Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA and started out by making several short films. Her first feature film, 1976, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival where it was selected under the Director’s Fortnight program. After that Martelli has won awards for 1976 at several international film festivals.


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Original title 1976
Director Manuela MARTELLI
Year 2022
Length 95 min
Country Chile, Argentina, Qatar
Language Spanish
Subtitles English