Aquatic Cinema // Finding Nemo (2003) at Pirbadet

  • Pirbadet
  • 09. March 15:00 16:45
Nemo 16 9

See the classic animated film Finding Nemo (2003) while swimming around like a fish in Pirbadet!The story of the clownfish Nemo and his father is an adventure full of imagination, excitement, and funny characters both under and above the water.

Doors open at 14:30.
The film will be screened by a pool at Pirbadet at 15:00.
The screening lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Age limit: 6 years.
The film is in Norwegian.

About the event: You must exchange your ticket for a wristband at the entrance to Pirbadet. Kosmorama will welcome you and assist with this. The ticket only provides access to the swimming pool where the screening takes place. If you wish to access Pirbadet before and/or after the screening, it is possible to purchase this for 110 NOK at Pirbadet on the same day as the screening (March 9th). For practical information about Pirbadet, see here. It is allowed to bring your own inflatable toys, mattresses, etc. Note that tickets for the screening are purchased through Kosmorama on Hoopla, and tickets for extra swimming at Pirbadet is bought at Pirbadet.

Om filmen: Finding Nemo is one of the greatest animation successes of all time. During Kosmorama, you have the opportunity to watch the film while swimming around like a fish in Pirbadet! Nemo is a little clownfish who lives with his overprotective father down in the sea. When Nemo is suddenly captured by a hobby diver and placed in an aquarium at a dentist's office, the father fish embarks on a perilous journey to rescue his son. On the journey, he is accompanied by the regal blue tang fish Dory, who has "goldfish memory," and their adventure takes them into unknown waters. Take a deep dive into the fantastic universe of the sea and meet many funny creatures in this imaginative and colorful adventure from Pixar Animation Studios.