Aquatic Cinema // Jaws (1975) at Pirbadet

  • Pirbadet
  • 09. March 20:00 22:15
Arrangement 16 9 JAWS

Take a swim in one of Pirbadet's pools while watching the ultimate water thriller film Jaws (1975). We'll set up a big screen and a bar while you bring your swimsuit and towel. Age limit: 18 years due to open bar.

Doors open at 19:30.
The film will be screened by a pool at Pirbadet at 20:00.
The screening lasts for 2hours and 4 minutes.
Age limit: The film has an age limit of 15 years, but the event has an age limit of 18 years due to the open bar.

About the event: You must exchange your ticket for a wristband at the entrance to Pirbadet. Kosmorama will welcome you and assist with this. The ticket only provides access to the swimming pool where the screening takes place. If you wish to access Pirbadet before and/or after the screening, it is possible to purchase this for 110 NOK at Pirbadet on the same day as the screening (March 9th). For practical information about Pirbadet, see here. It is allowed to bring your own inflatable toys, mattresses, etc. Note that tickets for the screening are purchased through Kosmorama on Hoopla, and tickets for extra swimming at Pirbadet is bought at Pirbadet.

About the film:
Martin Brody is the newly appointed police chief in the small holiday town of Amity Island. When a great white shark attacks beachgoers with fatal consequences, Brody tries to close the beach - but faces strong opposition from the mayor. Consequently, Brody takes matters into his own hands. He is aided by marine biologist Matt Hooper and shark hunter Quint. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to kill the murderous creature. Jaws marked Steven Spielberg's major breakthrough as a film director. The music by John Williams, featuring a main theme based on just two notes, is as iconic as it is menacing. Jaws was a massive box office success in 1975 and scared an entire generation away from swimming. Do you dare to jump in?