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You Resemble Me

  • 90 min
  • Egypt, France, United States
  • Society
  • 3 Screenings
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You Resemble me1
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When two sisters growing up in poverty in the outskirts of Paris are torn apart, the eldest tries to find herself and explore meaning in life. The choices she makes lead her into an extremist environment where she becomes involved in a horrific event which sends shudders around the world.

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Dina Amer's feature film debut is inspired by a true story and gives a strong portrayal of a young Muslim woman on a mission. Amer captures one of the most terrible events of our time and deconstructs it in this intimate story of love, family and belonging. Well-balanced and insightful, the film asks several questions about the reasons why young, vulnerable people become radicalised.


Tuesday 08. march 16.00 16.00
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Thursday 10. march 12.00 12.00
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Sunday 13. march 18.30 18.30
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Original title Tu me ressembles
Director Dina Amer
Year 2021
Length 90 min
Country Egypt, France, United States
Language English, Arabic, French
Subtitles English
Cast Lorenza Grimaudo, Ilonna Grimaudo, Dina Amer