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  • 52 min
  • special screening
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The exhibition Sisterless at Trondheim Art Museum, in collaboration with Kosmorama, presents four works by the Russian-Tatar artist Yaniya Mikhalina, who is a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts, NTNU.

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The work in the exhibition is the documentary film Sisterless, which revolves around the psychological reality of the protagonist Albina after her sister Almira took her own life. It is an unsentimental attempt to analyze the work of grief, as well as a feminist commentary on the connection between illness, the contemporary political situation and the consequences of post-Soviet displacement.

The film lasts 52 minutes and starts every full hour during the museum's opening hours until 23 April, from 12.00 to 15.00. In connection with the exhibition opening on Saturday 11 March at At 15.00 Oksana Sarkisova, director of the Verzio film festival in Budapest, will hold a lecture on various cinematic representations of colonized subjects.



Original title Sisterless
Director Yaniya Mikhalina
Year 2023
Length 52 min
Language russian
Subtitles english