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  • 180 min
  • Argentina, Norway
  • special screening
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The Trial is a film about a legendary court case that took place in Buenos Aires in 1985. Up to 30,000 people disappeared or were murdered during the dictatorship in the 70s, and the leaders of the military dictatorship were convicted of the abuses in this trial. This was the first time in history that democratic authorities had taken retrospective legal action against a dictatorship.

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Democracy was still somewhat fragile in Argentina in 1985. If the dictatorship were to return, and they tried to rewrite history, then film footage from the interrogations would forever provide evidence and hold them accountable. The film material was attained by the judges of the trial, with some help from their wives. In a dramatic undertaking, they managed to smuggle a copy of the footage out of the country on VHR cassettes. Norwegian politician Reiulf Steen ensured that this copy was kept safely in the Norwegian Parliament archives, and to this day it is the only complete copy of the film footage from the trial.

The film is entirely based on the archive material, covering witness interviews, the prosecutors' arguments and the generals' defence.


Saturday 11. march 12.15 12.15
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Original title El Juicio
Director Ulises DE LA ORDEN
Year 2022
Length 180 min
Country Argentina, Norway
Language Spanish
Subtitles English