The Super 8 Years The Super 8 Years The Super 8 Years The Super 8 Years


  • 61 min
  • France
  • Documentary
  • 3 Screenings
The Super 8 Years3
The Super 8 Years
The Super 8 Years2
The Super 8 Years3

Last year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Annie Ernaux, dives into her own treasure trove of filmed memories. Drawn from silent home-movie footage shot by Ernaux and her then-husband Philippe from 1972 till 1981, she takes us on a journey through fragments of a decade, where she tries to make sense of the mysterious past and the unknown future.

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Made together with her son David, the film shows the family in everyday situations as well as trips abroad, to for example pre-Pinochet Chile, communist Albania, the Soviet Union and England before Thatcher came to power. The result is an essayistic film that is both personal and universal, while at the same time providing a captivating snapshot of a changing global society.

Last year, Kosmorama screened 2021’s Happening (L’Événement), a film based on one of Ernaux's autobiographical novels. Just as in her novels, The Super 8 Years draws her own experiences and memories.


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Original title LES ANNEES SUPER 8
Director Annie ERNAUX
Year 2022
Length 61 min
Country France
Language French
Subtitles Norwegian