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  • 100 min
  • France, Germany, Luxembourg
  • Society
  • 12 years
  • 3 Screenings
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The Siren1
The Siren2

The Siren depicts the chaos following a missile attack during the Iran-Iraq conflict in the early 1980s. Through detailed and poetic animation, we follow the 14-year-old Omid who witnesses his older brother disappearing to the war's front lines, while the rest of the family flees. Confronted with the city's eccentric characters, Omid searches for his brother.

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In contrast to its two-dimensional animation style, the film presents a nuanced and complex portrayal of a wartime situation. It masterfully depicts the immense challenges of trying to lead a normal life amidst a war zone.

Sepideh Farsi is an experienced feature film director, but this is her first animated film.


Monday 04. march 14.15 14.15 Prinsen 8
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Thursday 07. march 12.00 12.00 Prinsen 7
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Friday 08. march 16.00 16.00 Prinsen 7
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Original title LA SIRENE
Director Sepideh FARSI
Year 2023
Length 100 min
Country France, Germany, Luxembourg
Language persian, french
Subtitles english
Cast Hamidreza Djavdan, Mina Kavani