Tatami1 Tatami1 Tatami1 Tatami1


  • 105 min
  • Georgia, United States
  • Society
  • 12 years
  • 3 Screenings

In The World Judo Championship Iranian Leila is set to compete against athletes from far more liberal countries. It's an achievement that Leila has made it this far, as it's not common for Iranian women to have a sports career – and even more unusual to succeed. As the championship unfolds, Leila achieves good results on the judo mat. But the competition takes a sudden turn when her coach, Maryam, receives a threatening phone call. Suddenly, they are faced with much greater challenges than a judo match. Now, both gold and life are at stake.

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With beautiful black-and-white photography, the film creates a noir-like atmosphere, intensifying the oppressive mood that pervades the story.

Tatami is an intense political thriller that sheds light on a highly relevant issue. The film demonstrates how major world problems can collide with the daily lives of individuals and shake the very foundation upon which life is built.


Monday 04. march 16.30 16.30 Prinsen 8
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Friday 08. march 08.30 08.30 Prinsen 4
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Saturday 09. march 19.00 19.00 Prinsen 3
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Original title TATAMI
Director Guy NATTIV
Year 2023
Length 105 min
Country Georgia, United States
Language english, persian
Subtitles english
Cast Arienne MANDI, Zar AMIR EBRAHIMI, Jaime Ray Newman