Bakeri brød Bakeri brød Bakeri brød Bakeri brød

Stumfilmkonsert med Dr. Bekken: Trondheims kommunale bakeri 1920

  • 20 min
  • Norway
  • special screening
  • 2 Screenings
Bakeri brød
Bakeri baker
Bakeri eksteriør

Join us on an exclusive trip back to Trondheim in 1920, to the Trondheim bakery! This company was located in the same building as the Hotel Bakeriet, right next to Olavshallen.

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The film shows a long workday at the bakery and we get to see an impressive array of baked goods. It serves as a unique time capsule of local industrial history, and includes impressive photography and editing work.

Tinkling the ivories for this 20-minute long silent film is keyboard maestro Dr. Bekken, who has played for many a silent film before. Prior to the film there will be introductions (in Norwegian) by Bjørn Sørenssen, Professor Emeritus in Film Studies at NTNU, as well as Sissel Guttormsen, Director at the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.


Friday 11. march 16.00 16.00
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Friday 11. march 17.00 17.00
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Original title Stumfilmkonsert med Dr. Bekken: Trondheims kommunale bakeri 1920
Year 1920
Length 20 min
Country Norway
Language Norwegian
Subtitles No subtitles

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