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  • 118 min
  • Canada
  • Ramaskrik
  • 15 years
  • 3 Screenings
Red Rooms2
Red Rooms1

The photo model and technology virtuoso Kelly-Anne is obsessed with the ongoing trial against the serial killer Ludovic Chevalier, who has been live-streaming his murders. Rumors on the dark web suggest that there are video recordings of one of the victims, which could be crucial evidence in the trial. Kelly-Anne gets entangled in a disturbing world where her deep fascination with the serial killer takes over.

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This is an exciting and well-acted court drama with elements of psychological horror. The film engages and creates delightful unease. Juliette Garièpy is extremely impressive in the lead role as Kelly-Anne.

The film has won several awards at the Fantasia Film Festival in Canada, including Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Soundtrack, and Best Lead Role.


Thursday 07. march 21.00 21.00 Prinsen 7
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Saturday 09. march 12.00 12.00 Prinsen 7
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Sunday 10. march 18.30 18.30 Prinsen 7
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Director Pascal PLANTE
Year 2023
Length 118 min
Country Canada
Language French
Subtitles norwegian
Cast Juliette GARIÉPY, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Laurie BABIN