Ramona1 Ramona1 Ramona1 Ramona1


  • 80 min
  • Spain
  • Relations
  • 3 Screenings

Ramona is an aspiring actress who lives with her boyfriend, Nico. Their life together seems to be going fine, although Ramona does have her challenges and feels she needs to be taken seriously. The day before her first ever film audition she randomly meets the direct and charming Bruno, and they immediately hit it off, spending an intense day together. When she arrives at the audition the next day, she’s shocked to meet Bruno again, but this time on a completely different terms.

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Ramona now has to try to balance her work and private life in a new way, but it doesn't take long before she realises that a choice must be made. Should she get to know Bruno better or follow her passion for her career?

This is a stylish, modern romance offering fast and witty dialogue.


Tuesday 07. march 19.00 19.00
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Wednesday 08. march 08.30 08.30
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Saturday 11. march 19.30 19.30
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Original title RAMONA
Director Andrea BAGNEY
Year 2022
Length 80 min
Country Spain
Language Spanish
Subtitles English
Cast Lourdes HERNÁNDEZ, Francesco CARRIL, Bruno LASTRA