Project Wolf Hunting 2 Project Wolf Hunting 2 Project Wolf Hunting 2 Project Wolf Hunting 2


  • 122 min
  • South Korea
  • Ramaskrik
  • 3 Screenings
Project Wolf Hunting 3
Project Wolf Hunting 2
Project Wolf Hunting 3
Project Wolf Hunting 1

A group of 47 fugitives have been arrested and are to be sent back to South Korea on a cargo ship. In spite of the multitude of seasoned police officers keeping an eye on the prisoners, the lawless lot launch into an all-out riot soon after departure. Unbeknownst to the cops or the criminals, they are also in the company of the abominable figure Alpha, who is locked down in the hold.

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With its high tempo and relentless momentum, this is an extreme display of bloodshed and mutilation where taboos are broken, and where behind it all there lies a link to what was lost during Japan's colonisation of Korea.

Over the last twenty years, the South Korean wave has consistently impressed with its exquisite additions to the genre such as The Host (2006), Train to Busan (2016) and Peninsula (2020). In Project Wolf Hunting, director Kim Hong-sun pushes the volume up another couple of notches by unleashing this experimental military monster that surpasses everything else in the South Korean horror genre.


Tuesday 07. march 21.00 21.00
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Thursday 09. march 18.00 18.00
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Saturday 11. march 12.30 12.30
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Director HONGSUN Kim
Year 2022
Length 122 min
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Subtitles Norwegian
Cast Seo In-Guk, Dong-Yoon Jang, Gwi-Hwa Choi