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  • 117 min
  • France
  • Relations
  • 3 Screenings
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In the 1980s, Rose moved from Abidjan in the Ivory Coast to a suburb of Paris, and later on to the city of Rouen with her two young sons Jean and Ernest. Over several decades, we follow the three characters in different periods of their lives and from their own distinct perspectives. What we get is an emotional insight both internally within the family unit as well as outwardly towards the society around them.

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This is a detailed and highly engaging chronicle of the warm yet challenging relationship between a parent and her children. A sublime Annabelle Lengronne in the main role as Rose is brilliantly complemented by the rest of the actors.

Director Léonor Serraille’s strong poetic sense provides a stylistically compelling framework for her treatment of the dynamics between expectations and freedom, immigration and identity, self-realisation and independence. Mother and Son is a moving and delicate human drama.


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Original title UN PETIT FRÈRE
Director Leonor SERRAILLE
Year 2022
Length 117 min
Country France
Language French
Subtitles English
Cast Annabelle LENGRONNE, Stéphane BAK, Ahmed SYLLA, Kenzo SAMBIN