Medusa Deluxe Medusa Deluxe Medusa Deluxe Medusa Deluxe


  • 101 min
  • United Kingdom
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  • 3 Screenings
Medusa Deluxe

In the backdrop of a highly competitive and chaotic hair stylist competition, one of the contestants is found murdered and scalped. Speculation and suspicion spread like wildfire among the competitors, but no one can say with certainty who was behind the crime. With facades crumbling and bitter rivalries rising to the surface, this is likely to be a chaotic night for those involved.

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Eccentric characters, bizarre humour and a mysterious murder mystery are just some of the ingredients in this delightful crime drama. With highly impressive cinematography, the film appears to take place over one continuous take.

Thomas Hardiman's first feature film is a sensational piece of film craftsmanship. Not only will you be guessing who the killer might be, you’ll also be left in wonderment about how Hardiman could make such a technically advanced feature film on debut.


Monday 06. march 21.00 21.00
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Friday 10. march 14.00 14.00
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Sunday 12. march 21.30 21.30
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Original title MEDUSA DELUXE
Director Thomas HARDIMAN
Year 2022
Length 101 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subtitles Norwegian
Cast Anita-Joy UWAJEH, Clare PERKINS, Darrell D’SILVA