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  • 97 min
  • Finland
  • special screening
  • All ages
  • 1 Screening
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The Finnish artist Maija Isola (1927-2001) is most notably recognized for her global success as a textile designer for the design house Marimekko. Inspired by the diversity of nature, Isola created designs that softened the transition from rural to urban life, bringing life and color to the Finnish people after the Second World War. Today, her textile designs have conquered the world. But who was Maija Isola really, what were her values, and what artistic legacy has she left behind?

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The film Maija Isola provides an in-depth portrait of the Finnish artist. It explores questions about Isola's identity, values, and artistic legacy through her own diary entries and voice recordings.

Her daughter, Kristina, serves as the narrator of the film, sharing the story of her mother from her perspective. After the screening, there will be chat and mingling at Alvar & Maija.


Thursday 07. march 17.00 17.00 Annet
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Original title MAIJA ISOLA
Director Leena KILPELÄINEN
Year 2021
Length 97 min
Country Finland
Language Finnish
Subtitles english