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  • 80 min
  • USA
  • Documentary
  • 2 Screenings
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This is the astonishing story of a legendary video collector, who owned a treasure trove of rare and esoteric films. Once digital streaming film took over, his shop was closed down. But what happened to his huge collection of 55,000 rental films?

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Enter filmmaker David Redmon, who directed the film with Ashley Sabin. Redmon is not the type to die wondering, and sets out to find the answer. He starts his own investigation to track them down, a treasure hunt that takes many bizarre twists and turns. Before you know it he is on the trail of an ambitious businessman, the Italian mafia, as well as a megalomaniac local politician.

Kim's Video is a playful and entertaining documentary film that with an original touch challenges genre conventions, and that buzzes with nostalgia for 90s video culture and love for film art.


Saturday 11. march 14.30 14.30
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Sunday 12. march 12.30 12.30
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Original title KIM'S VIDEO
Director David REDMON
Ashley SABIN
Year 2022
Length 80 min
Country USA
Language Italian, Korean
Subtitles No subtitles